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PDX ADL Educates the Public, Students, and Staff at OHSU

Activists leaflet and discuss and debate animal research with pedestrians
at OHSU's campus on Marquam Hill.
PDX ADL Educates the Public, Students, and Staff at OHSU
April 20, 2010

Portland, OR- On the fourth day of World Week for Animals in Labs,
Portland Animal Defense League went to the campus of Oregon Health Science
and approached staff, patients, and students about animal testing, the
Oregon National Primate Research Center, and alternatives.

Activists discussed a range of topics. Many people took literature and
spoke with activists about the faulty science that underpins animal
research. Some spoke about the variety of alternatives, including but not
limited to in vitro research, epidemiology, genetics, and clinical
research. Activists even spoke to OHSU Security about wasted tax-dollars
and the big business of animal testing.

While activists endured the weather, engaging their fellow citizens,
security and OHSU employees felt it necessary to monitor from inside their
comfortable buildings. Even OHSU spokesperson Jim Newman joined to watch
as activists exposed the truth about OHSU.

Later in the evening, a few activists got together to watch a screening of
"Chattel" a film about vivisection and resistance.

Tomorrow night at 7:00pm at the IDA Animal House (1732 NE Alberta) there
will be a workparty/potluck for the rest of the week. Please join us!!

Portland Animal Defense League