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Truth About Drugs Documentary

The Truth About Drugs documentary, produced by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, was screened at Baywalk Muvico in Downtown St. Petersburg to an enthusiastic audience of over 65 teens and judges
Truth About Drugs Documentary
Accepted and Screened at the 5th Annual Sunscreen Film Festival

St. Petersburg, Fl - On Thursday April 15th, The Truth About Drugs documentary, produced by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, was screened at Baywalk Muvico in Downtown St. Petersburg to an enthusiastic audience of over 65 teens and judges. The film was accepted for viewing at the festival, named by Flimmaker Magazine in 2009 as among the 25 coolest festivals in the US. This year, judges awarded winners of the festival on Saturday April 17th in a ceremony at the St. Petersburg Lyceum with guest appearance by John Travolta making his second appearance at a Sunscreen Festival.

The documentary describes the lives of survivors of the drug scourge who speak frankly about their descent into degradation following their use of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, Ritalin, heroin and 8 other drugs.

"I remember hearing, 'Don't do it you know,' said one pretty brunette in the documentary, 'Just say no. I had no idea what the reality was ... I wound up on the street, homeless, nowhere to go. It doesn't matter how good of a person you are or what your goals are. The drugs can take it all away," she concluded.

Written by Christopher Smith, directed by Gary Ravenscroft and produced by Golden Era Productions, organization that produces L. Ron Hubbard audio-visual works, the TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS contains real stories from victims of drug abuse. Each abuser relates his or her story in unadorned, real terms separating stark truths from the lies that led them into addiction. The film is used as an educational tool in schools across the country, to show teens that drugs are not glamorous or harmless substances their peers and the media show them to be.

The Sunscreen Film Festival 2010 is hosted by the St. Petersburg Clearwater Film Society, a Florida not for profit corporation. Now in its fifth year, the festival started at Baywalk this past Wednesday with a red carpet walk of supporting celebrities - Billy Dee Williams who played LandoCalrissian in Star Wars; his entourage of Darth Vader, R2D2, and Storm Troopers; Ethan Suplee, My Name is Earl; Alexa Vega from Spy Kids; and a couple of Twilight stars and ended on Sunday April 18th.

The primary goal of the film festival is to encourage the creation, production, and exhibition of independent film in Florida through its education programs and public screenings, thereby increasing awareness and support of local filmmaking as a cultural and economic asset.

For more information on schedules and list of films get on the web www.SunscreenFilmFestival.com.

The Foundation for a Drug Free World provides free educational materials and programs to educate and encourage youth to stay drug free. For more information about The Truth About Drugs campaign, log on to www.DrugFreeWorld.org

Scientology Propaganda Film 20.Apr.2010 11:32


What is this article doing on Indymedia? This article is blatant advertising for what is obviously a Church of Scientology propaganda film. The film obviously promotes Scientology agenda, creating an audience for their highly expensive detox programs that come with little proof of effectiveness. I seriously doubt that this film does much if anything to address the political/economic side of the war on drugs. If you really want to see strung out young people, look at what ten years of Scientology does to young people. There are worst chains in the world than drug addiction. It doesn't surprise me at all that they debuted this film in St Petersburg, FL, as they undoubtedly used extensive resources from their nearby Clearwater, FL, headquarters to get this film into the festival.