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Portland May Day March and Rally

JOBS FOR ALL: Immigrants' Rights Are Workers' Rights!
On May 1st, International Workers' Day, Portland labor, immigrant, and community groups will come together to demand comprehensive immigration reform. Organizers aim to connect the many issues facing workers and the poor.
Celebrate International Workers' Day
Saturday, May 1st
South Park Blocks (SW Park and Salmon)

11am: Sign-Making, Entertainment
12pm: Rally
1pm: March

May Day has a rich history going back to the fight for an eight-hour workday. In Portland in 2006 we saw the largest mobilization in Portland's history with estimates of up to 40,000 people in attendance. Now, faced with a deepening economic crisis and increasing attacks on workers and immigrants, it is time for our movements to come together and support each other in the struggle for economic justice.

Solidarity Statement

We stand together against racism, police violence, and attacks on immigrants through ICE raids and detentions. No one is illegal. We aim to stop discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Through solidarity we will reform our immigration, criminal justice, and economic systems to meet human needs. We demand an increase in public spending, not more cuts to education, public transportation, and social services. We demand decent affordable housing, not foreclosures and evictions. We demand single payer health care for all. We demand living wage jobs, full employment, and the restoration of our right to organize workplaces. We can achieve these goals by taxing the rich and corporations instead of bailing them out. We can stop free trade agreements that have outsourced jobs and kept wages low here while creating sweatshops and destroying resources elsewhere. We can end the wars and occupations as well as environmental catastrophes that serve to keep the corporations rich and the people in poverty. Solidarity Forever. Si se puede.

The Portland May Day Coalition is made up of grassroots community organizations, labor unions, faith communities, and individuals. We formed in conjunction with the Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition (PIRC) and Jobs with Justice (JwJ) in order to organize our communities in solidarity against the grave injustices we've experienced as a city and nation - particularly in regards to workers' rights.

Get involved:  http://maydaypdx.blogspot.com
Email:  maydayoutreach@gmail.com

homepage: homepage: http://maydaypdx.blogspot.com
address: address: 1131 SE Oak St. Portland, OR 97214