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Earth Day Rally against Oregon LNG abuse

Please join us for a demonstration in downtown Portland at noon on Thursday, April 22nd (Earth Day), to demonstrate your opposition to Liquefied Natural Gas development on public land!
This rally coincides with two important LNG happenings this month: The state of Oregon is considering extending a lease for Oregon LNG on the publicly owned Skipanon Peninsula in Warrenton. At the same time, Oregon LNG is being investigated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for misconduct and abuse of stakeholders in the permitting process. On the day of our rally the FERC investigative hearing on Oregon LNG's misconduct will be held at Portland City Hall and we will be there to show our opposition to LNG in Oregon!

Please come out and bring a friend -- Join us for an LNG opposition demonstration!

No LNG Development on Public Lands!
Noon-1pm in front of Portland City Hall
1120 SW 4th Avenue
Thursday, April 22nd - Earth Day

Come out, wear red and bring a friend! Let folks know that an industrial complex to import foreign fossil fuel doesn't belong on our publicly owned lands. And neither do the pipelines that would funnel that fuel to California! Protect our communities, forests, fisheries and farms! Tell Oregon NO LNG!

Plan to attend this fun lunchtime rally in downtown Portland and in the meantime, let the State of Oregon know that the Oregon public doesn't want to subsidize this development with cheap leases on our public lands!