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PDX ADL Targets Local OHSU Vivisector at Home

20 Activists Visit the Home of Judy Cameron, a Researcher at the Oregon
National Primate Research Center, to Alert Neighbors to Her Evils
April 18th, 2010

Portland, OR - Activists with the Portland Animal Defense League kicked
off World Week for Animals in Labs with a home demo targeting local
primate vivisector Judy Cameron. World Week for Animals in Labs is an
annual and international event that highlights the brutal nature of
vivisection and encourages people to take action against it.

Activists went around to all the neighboring streets, hanging information
from doors about cruel experiments at OHSU, with specifics to Judy
Cameron's research. Cameron is notorious for her fraudulent research and
frivolous waste of tax-payer dollars. Her "studies" focus on uncovering
information that is already known to be true in humans by torturing
primates. One study, for example, was intended to determine whether or not
adopted children lead more successful lives than orphaned children. This
is one of many horrendous and useless experiments that Judy Cameron
conducts at the expense of the lives' of both human and non-human animals.

Some neighbors engaged in dialogue, admitting to knowing about Judy
Cameron. Some mentioned that they also worked for OHSU. Many said they
were not interested in talking about it. Activists did, however, find one
interested neighbor who apparently just moved next door to the Cameron
residence and knew nothing about his neighbor. What started off as an
aggressive conversation about tactics soon turned into a dialogue about
animal experimentation. Eventually he accepted a leaflet containing
information about specific statistics about Judy's faulty science.

Not long after, activists were confronted by Cameron's husband who arrived
with a camera in hand. Protesters made their presence known. Their voices
carried to blocks away, echoing in and out of the curvy streets. Not only
neighbors, but Judy herself received the activists' message loud and clear.