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97 years since Ludlow and Unioin breakers still killing miners

From ludlow to West Virginia. Union busting is still killing miners.
Tuesday Marks the 97th anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre. 21 people including women and children, were murdered by the Colorado National guard while trying to unionize local mine workers. Beginning in the middle of the night tents were soaked in Carosine, and set to blaze with the miners in them. Many women and children were killed in the protective caves that had been dug to protect them by the striking miners who feared violence in the then largely mining industry dominated state. On April 13th an explosion at the Upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. The mine had, as has been widely reported been sited countless times for safety violations, but Massey Energy, the owner and opperator of the mine, had managed to avoid any improvements by legal maneuverings, and in all likelihood political ones, as West Virginia politics are dominated by the money of big coal. Now commentators on the right have used this incident to question the value of labor unions siting that the union should have stepped in. what they do not seem to tell you is that there was no mine workers union opperating at the mine due to a long history of union busting. This union busting is so entrenched that mine union volunteers were turned away by management when they offered aide in the rescue effort. It is truely sick that anyone can question the need for the unions, especially in this high risk hazardous and life shortenning occupation. On Tues, please take a moment to show your support of Union Organizers. Their time is, contrary to common belief, hardly over...