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Portlanders Raise Money for Radical Writers

On the 27th of February 2010 three dozen Portland residents gathered to celebrate the Institute for Anarchist Studies and its primary mission of providing grants to radical writers and translators.

This was one of the first events in the Northwest for the IAS, and we were pleased to offer fine food and drink to our friends in the Portland community. All contributions collected that evening went directly to supporting radical writers and our important work. Over $1000 was raised!

Building off over a decade of experience, the IAS amplifies radical voices by providing funding so that grantees can create engaging and politically important contributions. Such grantees include Portland's own Kristian Williams (www.kristianwilliams.com), who spoke at the event, and is currently working on a book on Oscar Wilde and anarchism partially funded by the IAS. The most recent issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, a publication of the IAS, was also distributed to attendees.
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