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International Lolita Protest

On May 15th, Portland is joining the worldwide protest for Lolita, the orca whale to be "RETIRED" from Miami Seaquarium to a seapen provided by the Orca Network in the Puget Sound of Washington.
Please join us May 15, 2010 from 12-2 at Waterfront Park at the Saturday Market entrance.

One location of 30 cities WORLDWIDE peacefully protesting for Lolita to be retired from Miami Seaquarium!

Lolita is an Orca whale captured off the shores of Whidbey Island, WA at age 4. A capture team using speedboats, airplanes and explosives forced the entire Southern Resident orca community into a narrow cove where they corralled all 110 orcas. When they chose the young ones to ship to marine parks around the world, Lolita was delivered to the Miami Seaquarium.

Lolita has lived 37 years in a tiny tank that is barely legal by the standards of the Animal Welfare Act. For a wild animal who swims 35mph up to 100 miles a day, this is extreme cruelty.
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