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Northwest Anarchist Conference: Anarchist Practice. April 24th - 25th

A Short Introduction:
The idea and focus behind this conference is to bring different types of anarchist practice to the for-front and begin moving away from specific theoretical engagements. Rather than taking theory and separating it from its everyday practice. This is an attempt at allocating theory the ideas brought up in discussion and talked about and beginning to practice them (IE. Praxis). There will be no specific theory leading the discussions or dialogue throughout the time except for the person. The set up is to have the ability to talk and discuss the ideas in an open manner. So after every discussion there will be a small open dialogue about the ideas.
Northwest Anarchist Conference: Anarchist Practice. April 24th - 25th.

What is anarchist practice either to the individual or collective? How do different anarchist theories engage in their practice everyday? Is the point to find a comfortable space of habitation within capital? Or is it attack capital at its heart? Or is it to create alternatives to capitalism?

At Evergreen State College
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW,
Olympia, Washington 98505
Room Sem II E1107

April 24th - 25th
Both days from 12:00 - 6:00 PM


April 24th - doors open at 12:30

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Neither I nor we.
Experimentation with form, practice, and context as anarchist practice.
Anarchist practice should have the vigor to fail, to stand alone and to work with others. Instead of couching our actions in archaic, or brittle ideas we should dare to try things that we know will not work, work with people we don't particularly like, and suffer alone on points others are ambivalent about.
Drawing from years of working on anarchist projects, from psuedo-platformist, diy lifestylist, to publishing projects I will speak to a practice against imaginary revolutions, false unity (or solitude), and towards the practice of the unknown.

2:30 - 4:30 PM

Apio Ludd

WHO OWNS YOU?: Self-Ownership as a Basis for an Anarchist Theoretico-Practical Synthesis
I don't think that it is possible to separate genuinely anarchist theory and practice. To engage theoretically is to engage practically and vice versa. Stirner's idea of self-ownership provides a powerful basis for anarchist theoretico-practical endeavors with broad and deep implications that, at the same time, provide no easy answers. I will endeavor to show the absurdity of conceiving of theory and practice separately while working out the implications of self-ownership as a basis for anarchist theoretical endeavors and for the synthesis of the various endeavors of different individuals in a way that can strengthen all without enforcing an artificial unity.


April 25th - doors open at 12:30

1:00 - 2:00 PM

John Zerzan

Anarchy in 2010: Are We up to the Challenge?

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