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I was just wondering if anyone knew that Sea Lion hazing is happening at Willemette Falls?

I read the Oregonina today and in it there was an article in the metro section that said that fish and wildlife officials were hazing Sea Lions in Oregon City at the Willamette Falls!
I was just thinking that it would be cool if the Sea Wolf and maybe a black block or something of that nature came to Oregon City next week or when they plan on doing it again I believe it is next week to oppose them. Some people are unable to go out to bonniville dam but maybe could make it out to Oregon City. Also there is a large audience there that is definetly not the choir, and it gives an opportunity for the animal rights movement and the police brutality movement to work together. The oppression of one of us is an oppression of all of us. It is not the Sea Lions fault that the salmon are dying it is humans fault that we built giant walls in the river that they have to navigate around.

Anyway I just thaught I would let people know and share some of my ideas.

more sea lion traps 16.Apr.2010 09:13


Also, there is a new sea lion trap on the Newport, Oregon waterfront. They put it right next to the docks that all the tourists come to look at the sea lions. ODFW has already used it to catch sea lions this spring - I do not know if any of those caught were killed but every other sea lion trap ODFW uses ends up being used to kill sea lions. They have the authority to kill sea lions everywhere they go - not just at the dam. I suspect we will see more and more of these death traps all over Oregon, if they are not in place already.

The murder campaign has moved to newport, sea lion hazing in Oregon City and Gold Beach. ODFW is drasticly increasing its war against the sea lions. If they are not already in place I'm sure sea lion traps will be used in all of Oregons costal towns - Brookings, Gold Beach, Coos Bay, Florence, Walport, Tillamook, Wheeler. When will this war against nature end?

maps 16.Apr.2010 12:06


Has anyone started setting up a maps of trap locations that people can access from the web, perhaps on google maps?

Hello 16.Apr.2010 14:42

Me again

I just wanted to add that at Oregon City they said that if hazing does not work then they will start trapping them and finally shooting them.

Also bus lines 33 32 35 and the 99 come to Oregon City Transit center where this will be taking place.

Yes 16.Apr.2010 21:41

SLDB info@sealiondefensebrigade.org

Yes, they are currently laying the groundwork for a section 120 waiver to kill sea lions at Willamette Falls. The Columbia river is only the first, unless we can stop them here. This is the front line. Humans are collapsing every last fishery in the waters of the earth, and fighting with nature over the very last drop of blood in the very last fish.

Ironically, everyone keeps insisting that the sea lions at Bonneville have to be killed because of this "unnatural barrier" that the sea lions have "learned to exploit." They have completely overlooked the fact that sea lions have ALWAYS hunted for fish at the foot of a huge barrier there - it used to be Celilo Falls. And the Sea Lion Defense Brigade has continually insisted that the sea lions at Willamette Falls demonstrate how natural it is for salmon and sea lions to interact at the foot of huge river barriers. Dams kill fish in many, many ways, but sea lions are NOT part of that equation. Sea lions are natural here, and it is natural for them to hunt where the fish pool before overcoming barriers in the river. They have always done this, and prior to the arrival of the fishing industry and the dams, there have always been tens of millions of salmon *anyway*. It will be interesting to see how the ODFW juxtaposes all their hyperbole about how they "need to do something about the sea lions at Bonneville because they are exploiting this unnatural barrier" with the reality at Willamette Falls. The falls have always been there, the sea lions have always been there, and until recently, the salmon have always been there. Fishermen, on the other hand, are relatively new there. And so is the decline in salmon... in fact, the two exactly correlate. Hmmm. Seems to me that if we really want to save salmon, the predators we really need to do something about are the ones with two legs and a chip on their shoulders.