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Tribute to the seriously pissed off grannies

here is a new song I wrote in honor of the seriously pissed off grannies.
Tribute to the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies
Tribute to the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies
audio file attached.


File doesn't open. 14.Apr.2010 13:12


Please correct. Thanks.

mp3 file is now working 14.Apr.2010 17:05

joe anybody

hey!!! - pretty cool .... Thanks!

I liked it too. 15.Apr.2010 12:30


It's great to honor our elders and learn from their wisdom.

doesn't open 17.Apr.2010 21:44


I'd love to hear this, but the file doesn't open. Could it be put in a different format?

Will this work 18.Apr.2010 22:31

Joe Anybody

I have it for a download on my Serious Pissed Off Grannies page (near the top)

Just scroll down a little bit (under the peace sign) then right click on link


Thanks! goes to subliminal criminal

words clever 20.Apr.2010 23:06


The words are clever, but I don't dig rap.