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Cornelius man dies in police custody after being Tasered

Police are using TaserŠ exactly how the Industry expected-- shoot first, ask later.
Another mentally ill person was TaserŠed to death by police.

An unidentified Cornelius Public Safety officer used his TaserŠ to "subdue the man, who was acting erratic and violent who struggled and continued to walk east on North Irvine Street at 31st Street."

When two Forest Grove police officers were called to assist in apprehending the individual, the was used again multiple times as well as pepper spray. The man died "suddenly" a short while later-- he stopped breathing.

Commander Ed Jensen insists that Cornelius police get sufficient training in dealing with mental health crises and using TaserŠs, these police officers appeared to be either unaware or unable to recognise and respond to a person clearly exhibiting behavior of a person in a mental health crisis and they were also unable to 'properly' use the TaserŠ. Namely, in this very situation the weapon would not produce the desired response ESPECIALLY the MORE it is used. The lack of response from the first usage is a direct result of the man being in an altered state. The cardiac arrest is a direct result of using a TaserŠ in such a way.
taser gun in action pic, from taser.com
taser gun in action pic, from taser.com
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