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Two animal friendly candidates

Two candidates running for County and Metro support animal causes. Let's support them.
Chuck Currie is running for Multnomah County Commissioner. He supports turning our public shelter into a no kill facility and will work to bring more transparency and accountability to Multnomah County Animal Services. He offered a good suggestion--to go to the county and ask that there be a citizen oversight committee for animal services. He has in depth experience with social services and is an animal lover. If you want to help elect someone who will support animals, volunteer or donate to Chuck's campaign: www.friendsofchuckcurrie.org.

Duke Shepard is running for Metro Councilor. He supports holding the zoo accountable for creating the offsite preserve for the elephants, which was included in the 2008 $125 million dollar bond measure that Portland voters passed. The elephants pace back and forth in their small yards or indoor cage. This is still going on despite the fact that we voted to give them space two years ago. Packy has been behind bars for 48 years. It's time for him and the other elephants to experience freedom to roam on a preserve. We paid for it, where is it?  http://www.dukeshepard.com/

Neither candidate has included information about these views on their websites at this time. However, a group of animal advocates met with them and were very encouraged by their positions on these issues. If you have any question about their positions, contact them via their email on their website.

Look before you commit 13.Apr.2010 16:47


Not to be a total pessimist but I also recall Ted Wheeler supported major reform at Multnomah County Animal Control and his promises were merely empty words.
Just remember these are politicians and they will do and say whatever it takes to get into office.
Being a "pet lover" too often means "I love my own animals but have no concern or compassion beyond them. I will not stand up and protect the rights of the animals forced into captivity and be part of animal research. We need zoos so that our children can see up close and personal how these animals live. Circuses are animal friendly, they take good care of the lions, tigers and bears. I want bigger and cleaner cages for the primates housed by OHSU but I also feel that animal research is necessary for the survival of the human race. Wearing fur is totally acceptable, after all these mink, fox and chinchillas were all breed for their fur. I would never eat my dog or cat but I will consume cow, pig, chicken and fish because they are not family "pets". We need to kill the sea lions because they are eating the salmon that I have a right to eat myself. My family loves going to the annual rodeo, it offers so much fun and excitement for the kids."
I promise to follow these two candidates carefully to see if they are truly worthy of my vote. We definitely need animal reform, their lives depend on it.

Be A Name Dropper 13.Apr.2010 18:48


Courtney,please list the names of the individuals or the organization(s)who these animal advocates represent.

NW Animal Advocacy 13.Apr.2010 21:46

Courtney courtney@scottwork.com

We are a group of individuals who came together to support several local animal rights issues. Our name is NW Animal Advocacy Group. Anyone is free to get involved. Just email me and let me know your interest. Three issues we are currently working on are no kill shelters, the elephants in the zoo and trapping.