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VIDEO: Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting - 4.5.10

The meeting was titled "Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee
It is an open to the public meeting held monthly on the first Monday of the month, in The Portland Building. The discussion was on sharing the public sidewalks in Portland
Portland Sharing Sidwalks Committee 4.5.10
Portland Sharing Sidwalks Committee 4.5.10
This public meeting was discussing the sidewalk uses in Portland and getting impute from citizens and city offices to draft a plan on sidewalk use laws.

This meeting is organized by Commissioner Fritz's office.
More information is available on her website:
(  http://www.portlandonline.com/fritz/ )

Around 100 people were in attendance

This video from April 5 2010 is about one hour long.

 link to www.archive.org

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VIDEO from Portland Sidewalk Meeting on March on 1 2010 13.Apr.2010 08:13

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