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Cornelius man dies in police custody after being Tasered

Police are using TaserŠ exactly how the Industry expected-- shoot first, ask later.
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 http://www.portlandtribune.com/news/story.php?story_id=127094269710898100 (especially the readers' forum: it's great fun!)

Another mentally ill person was TaserŠed to death by police.

An unidentified Cornelius Public Safety officer used his TaserŠ to "subdue the man, who was acting erratic and violent who struggled and continued to walk east on North Irvine Street at 31st Street."

When two Forest Grove police officers were called to assist in apprehending the individual, the was used again multiple times as well as pepper spray. The man died "suddenly" a short while later-- he stopped breathing.

Commander Ed Jensen insists that Cornelius police get sufficient training in dealing with mental health crises and using TaserŠs, these police officers appeared to be either unaware or unable to recognise and respond to a person clearly exhibiting behavior of a person in a mental health crisis and they were also unable to 'properly' use the TaserŠ. Namely, in this very situation the weapon would not produce the desired response ESPECIALLY the MORE it is used. The lack of response from the first usage is a direct result of the man being in an altered state. The cardiac arrest is a direct result of using a TaserŠ in such a way.

A TaserŠ is a deadly weapon. It is identified as a "less-lethal" weapon, when compared to one shot from a gun on a healthy person; however, the consistent use of TaserŠs by multiple police on the scene often results in subsequent death.

The detrimental effects of TaserŠ guns are multiple and far-reaching. Some of the research on this weapon's injurious features was immediately undermined or hidden by the manufacturers and self-censored by the weapons/security industry. The weapon was introduced to the market-- a wide market that includes personalized fashion accesorizing-- before research was complete.

Some of this research was covered in last month's Skanner:
"New Research Finds Danger of Death in Electric Shock Weapons"

A scientist who has discovered even more damning results, Dr. Marjorie Lundquist, is concerned with the public's lack of knowledge as well as the security forces' lack of understanding surrounding Tasers.

Aaron Olson, a retired Oregon State Police supervisor and author of the book, "Multicultural Law Enforcement," told The Skanner News that use of pain weapons to obtain subdual in persons experiencing a psychotic episode is rarely effective.

[more from that article: "Although Lundquist wishes police had never begun to use the weapons in the first place, she says they can be used in a safer manner, given the right training.
"They have to understand how it kills," she says. "To use something that is dangerous safely, you have to understand how it poses a danger."
Lundquist says she is currently working with Police Chief Howard Williams of San Marcos, Texas to further the research and statistics on the use of ECDs. She hopes more law enforcement departments will take interest in evaluating their ECD policies.
"I issued invitations to law enforcement ... none of them took advantage of it," she said."}]

While Ed Jensen believes Cornelius police don't have the problems that Portland police have (in fact, he says, they get lots of community support), he says he is open to learn what researchers, health advocates, civil rights activists and other law enforcement agencies have in mind as ways to improve relationships and care for people who need help, following Everyday People's Campbell's Law, police and social worker collaborations like Project Respond (but not at 3am, apparently) and even Electronic Control Device...well, controls. He is not, however, prepared to imagine law enforcement without the TaserŠ.

Other sources:

From Oregon Online:
 link to www.oregonlive.com

Starting Monday, Central Precinct Officer Betty Woodward, one of the first Portland officers trained in mental health crisis intervention, will be paired with a Project Respond mental health care worker in a day-shift patrol car. They'll ride together in this "non-traditional partnership," mostly interacting with the chronically homeless and seriously mentally ill on the city's streets as part of a two-month pilot project. The two-person car will also be available to assist other officers on calls.
dansaltzman.jpgBenjamin Brink/The OregonianPortland Police Commissioner Dan Saltzman
"We are involved in an experiment to see if that co-location, that collaboration adds value to the system," Chief Rosie Sizer said. "All of us have a common interest in reducing the number of encounters people who are mentally ill have with police."

Sizer said she recognizes that the new mental health-police patrol unit, modeled after programs in Houston, Montreal and White Plains, N.Y., is not a "panacea."

Police are setting aside about $20,000 through June 30, for the Project Respond worker. They've sought $120,000 in next year's budget for crisis intervention work, which would help fund the two-person car, and possibly, a police psychiatrist, said Assistant Chief Brian Martinek.

The bureau hopes to expand the program if it is successful. Houston police, for example, have seven patrol cars as part of its mental health unit.

Reduce police exposure

Reverend Renee Ward  http://www.katu.com/news/politics/85321422.html
A group of 16 activists met with state lawmakers to discuss the creation of a law they have named "Campbell's Law". While it is not clear at this time how they want the law changed they said they do know they want to bring an end to police officers shooting unarmed citizens.

DAMN MURDERERS! 19.Apr.2010 16:18

Terry Wagar battlehunter@hotmail.com

you damn murderers your bullshit is part of the problem! authoritys label everyone they target as mentally ill to justify there actions and at the same time destroy the credibility of the person they victimized!

beware portlanders there is a rash of this crap going on in portland and everyone that kisses the butts of authority tows the line with it!

how else can authoritys justify shooting unarmed people unless they have other institutions to cover there butts to make it "look" justified!

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