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RESPONSE TO CORNELIUS MURDER: Last nights March and Rally

Last night, in direct response to yet another murder of a person in crisis, around 30 people gathered for a march and rally in Peninsula Park.
Last nights March and Rally

Last night, in direct response to yet another murder of a person in crisis, around 30 people gathered for a march and rally in Peninsula Park.
The march and rally quite ease fully claimed the streets (weeks of practice are creating a more cohesive bloc) venturing south down on Albina and turning onto Killingsworth towards MLK. Though the group was fairly small, there seemed to be an air of confidence, confidence in the fact that it was there right to walk the streets with their comrades. When the precinct was reached the police had surrounded the garage with yellow caution tape and were idly waiting around, obviously confused. Folks chanted "What's the solution?! REVOLUTION! What's the direction? INSURRECTION!"
The march then trailed back onto MLK to the other side of the precinct. Many stayed on the sidewalks continuing to chant, folks in bloc held MLK and Emerson .
The march continued down MLK engaging with people on the sidewalks.There was a jovial mood as they marched onto Ainsworth returning to the gazebo at Peninsula Park.

The small police presence was both weird and convenient. At least one cop car was always present after the march started down MLK. There was very little interaction or attempts to stop the march. The only altercation of the night broke out between an aggressive KOIN 6 reporter,camera person and members of the action. A group of folks chatting in the park after the action were aggressively approached by a cameraperson and reporter which incited a heated interchange. The reporter most memorably yelled "You can't pick a fight with my camera man. She's a girl!" A quick witted member of the crew replied with "I'm a girl. Can I fight her?"

After weeks of direct response to police violence anarchists and other radicals alike are fed up with this constant stream of violent attack by the police. Though,it must be clear that anarchists are not solely reacting to these individual murders.Everyday of our lives give reason to riot, to reclaim the streets, to scream and attack the state. Though these direct responses are integral to the increasing resistance movement, it must be remembered that every day within this system is an assault on our freedom. The rage and sadness of another police murder may be the most direct catalyst for us to actively express our desire to destroy the system, but this is not the only time for attack. These occurrences are happening everyday. As anarchists there should be constant forming of infrastructure which works outside of this system, and constant attack to destroy it once and for all.

R.I.P. Daniel Barga, 24 12.Apr.2010 15:33


Fox news is reporting that kid's name is Daniel Barga. He appears to have been either from Cornelius or Forest Grove. They are also reporting that he had no criminal history.

Couple corrections & elaboration 12.Apr.2010 16:07


Our initial head count produced 59 & a few more people showed up after that.
It was not Channel 6. It was Mark Ross from Fox News. The people he approached was the Indymedia news crew that was putting away camera equipment & debriefing. It was very obvious that Fox had shown up too late to get any footage for their story so they were going to use footage of another news crew(as if we were the protest) in order to have something to show. This was after they were told that the protest was over and that approaching us would provoke a confrontation. They were clearly told by Indymedia folks to fuck off & get lost after creeping up on us. But insisted on shining their spotlight & camera in our faces(it was very dark in the park so the spotlight was a severe nuisance on the pupils). When an Indymedia reporter put his hand over the light, Mark Ross full body dove into him. Presumably he was attempting to push him but the dumbass didn't know how to push without throwing his whole body forward(he looked like he'd never pushed anything heavy before in his life). The Indy reporter's arm & hand were bumped hard but he was mostly able to just step out of the way of the dive & Mark Ross ate grass. It looks like this clown may have injured his own camera person. If he hadn't had such a look of fear & "Oh no, what the fuck did I do that for?" and if he hadn't been so goofy, he could have got his ass kicked for attacking another news crew like that. Fuck the corporate media!

correction: fox news fucked with people, channel 6 was moderately respectful 12.Apr.2010 20:48

Andrea Townsend, Activist/Editor editor@theportlandalliance.org

I was interviewed by Channel 6 and Channel 12 (Fox) at last night's protest.
I called the media because even though Fox News is completely biased and Channel 6 is pretty biased, we still have some semblance of freedom of speech in this country. If we want to protect that right then we have to exercise it. There are many reasons we choose to take the streets. A big one is raising community awareness about these issues, and even right-wing media sources are a tool for doing this. Their coverage may be questionable but many of our allies get their news from this and other mainstream sources and we need to be willing to speak out even though we don't have control over how they spin our message. The fact that these stations covered our event is a victory. They had to because we made so much noise and because currently protests like this and ones over the last few weeks are out of the ordinary. In my ideal world we'd be strong enough to sustain daily actions where we block the streets. That seems like what we have to do until we achieve the transformation of society that we are all working so hard to see occur. That day is coming in Portland and the rest of our country. Every time we do this we achieve a small revolution. These victories will build and build. There is victory to be found in every moment if we look deeper than the surface.

So, here's a little info about my interactions with the media last night:
The Channel 6 reporter was very nice and lobbed softball questions at me. Afterwards we chatted about his feelings about police brutality in Portland. He expressed outrage at the killings, and support for our action. I have not seen the coverage. Don't know how he portrayed the rally. But I believed him when he told me that he thought we were doing the right thing by being out there.
The Fox news reporters' behavior and questions stood in stark contrast to those of the Channel 6 reporter. The Fox guy did not give me his name and did not tell me that he was filming me as I introduced myself to him. He then asked me a series of questions designed to make us sound violent and disorganized. At one point he asked me if I believed that "all cops are bad." He also wanted to know why we took the streets and if I thought this was an "appropriate" form of protest. He asked if I would tell them what we were chanting. Then cut me off when I started to say "To end police brutality, we need solidarity" and asked if I could get the folks in the park to protest for the camera. When I said no he and his camera woman began approaching other people who were still hanging out and filming them without asking permission. This resulted in a scuffle which I heard but could not see because it was dark and they were about 10 feet from me.
The thing about a protest is that if you are in a public space then people with cameras do not have to tell you they are filming you, but I believe they do have to tell you if they are recording sound. Either way, the media should respect people's privacy and the Fox folks are responsible for their actions and the consequences. By reacting to their poor behavior with aggression we give them an opportunity to distract from our message, and we reinforce negative public opinion about our movement. It would be wise for folks in our movement to think about how to deal with this problem in a way that forces the media to cover the issues that we want them to cover. This is on my mind whenever I take the streets, and I am learning that if I control my own behavior and seek information before I make judgments about someone's motives then I find allies where I least expect them.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night. It was wonderful to be with you. The solidarity was palpable. This was a victory. What are we going to do tomorrow?

Solidarity forever!
Andrea, editor

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Love is the law, love under will.
-Aleister Crowley


unreported facts overheard 14.Apr.2010 21:31


verbal report to the ER:
ate mushrooms, not shure what kind
was tased 5 times, yes 5
taken by ambulance because he stopped breathing, after being tased 5x

How long of a pause was there, before anyone attempted CPR?

Just makes me Sad

I was there with gpa in next room and could hear