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Breaking News Archive Enough Is Enough Anti-Police Brutality/Murder March 4/11/10

*60 people at bandstand at Pennisula Park. Enough is Enough is a protest of recent deaths by Oregon Public Safety officers.
*60 people gathered in Peninsula Park. March starts at 8:45pm to 449 NE Emerson-NE Police Precinct.

RESPONSE TO CORNELIUS MURDER: Last nights March and Rally

Last night, in direct response to yet another murder of a person in crisis, around 30 people gathered for a march and rally in Peninsula Park.
The march and rally quite ease fully claimed the streets (weeks of practice are creating a more cohesive bloc) venturing south down on Albina and turning onto Killingsworth towards MLK. Though the group was fairly small, there seemed to be an air of confidence, confidence in the fact that it was there right to walk the streets with their comrades. When the precinct was reached the police had surrounded the garage with yellow caution tape and were idly waiting around, obviously confused. Folks chanted "What's the solution?! REVOLUTION! What's the direction? INSURRECTION!"
The march then trailed back onto MLK to the other side of the precinct. Many stayed on the sidewalks continuing to chant, folks in bloc held MLK and Emerson .
The march continued down MLK engaging with people on the sidewalks.There was a jovial mood as they marched onto Ainsworth returning to the gazebo at Peninsula Park