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We don't want to be mascots. We are human beings.

I see that people are angry about cops being called pigs, yet Native American are offended everyday by Mascots
Let get rid of mascots in Portland Oregon so that I don't feel oppressed. If you are angry about pigs, let get angry about mascots. Stand with us. There poor bird don't deserved to be mascots and we don't want to be mascots either. Come to the Mascot Indian Presentation.
Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Native American Student and Commmunity Cener

Location request 12.Apr.2010 10:02

rabble rouser

Comrade, can you put an address there? Thanks for posting this.

Location of Mascot Presentation 12.Apr.2010 10:38


Opps... sorry about not including the address. here it is.

710 SW Jackson Street
Portland, OR 97201

It's on the south end of the PSU campus on the corner of Jackson and Boardway. You can't miss it.

Phone number (503) 515-6239
Bring your families. Spread the word. We need to stop all forms of racism in our community.

Contact email 21.Apr.2010 09:08

Angela angela.sterritt@gmail.com

HI there can you leave your contact..i just did a story about the retiring of the Fighting Sioux and would love to do follow up you can email me at  angela.sterritt@cbc.ca or  angela.sterritt@gmail.com.

Ham'ya! (thanks!)