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abuse of power by child protective services in vancouver wa

the child protective services in vancouver wa, is above the law.
my 18 month old grand-daughter was taken by cps, the reason, they say my daughter violated a court order,in the court order is noted, her mother (me) was also present. well first I was not present, I have 4 eye witness statements placing me in another state. when we went to court, the witness (their side) never placed me there. then my daughters public pretender never brought up my witness statements so my person was never cleared. Here is the point, If I wasn`t there and the witness never placed me there, why is my person in the court order? and who put it there? I cannot have temporary custody of my grand-daughter because I was implacated, my family was denied custody,
the reason they used is because our family is to protective!!!!!! Did you get that? too protective! its my opinion that the social worker put my person in there to deny me custody, (could she have falsified court documents?) so the state would make more money, the foster parents will get paid, my grand-daughter will be emotionally and mentally unbalanced and need counciling ofcourse to help with her separation issues and so on. I`ve contacted the social workers superviser to report my allegation but she says the social worker only reported what she heard from the witness, I requested a hearing to have my name removed, her answer "oh we can`t do that" "you`ll have to bring that up with your daughters attorney" yes the same one who did nothing about it, in court the first time. I`ve been told I have a case but, my daughter is scared they (cps) will make up allegations to adopt my grand-daughter out. By the way my grand-daughter has never been abused, she was and is a beautiful happy healthy blonde haired, blue eyed little girl, my daughter has never been involved with drugs, doesn`t smoke or drink, so my grand-daughter is healthy clean. I hear that discription and information is on the top of the adoption priority list these days. About me I`ve worked for the city bus for 8 years, excellent pay, excellent benefits, background checks, fingerprints required for the job, so why can`t I have custody of my grand-daughter? It isn`t just me is it?

phone: phone: 360-980-3680

grandparents rights 11.Apr.2010 19:42


Check out grandparents legal rights in Oregon. Also, if the child gets placed with you, you will be her foster parent. To become a foster parent the state requires you to take a class. I would look into those classes right away so you can show on paper that you are trying. Good Luck!