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World Week for Animals in Labs Outline

Following is a brief outline for our daily events during WWAIL here in
Portland, OR. Details for some of the "TBA" events will be clarified at our
"Kickoff Party" on the April 17.
World Week for Animals in Laboratories

*Saturday, April 17th- WWAIL Kick-Off Party!!
Red & Black Cafe- SE 12th & Oak, 7p
Speakers from the Animal Defense League & In Defense of Animals!
Bands! Inspirational Films of Activists Kicking Vivisection Ass! Join the
party and learn about upcoming daily events!

Sunday, April 18th - Daytime Demos- Details TBA!

Monday, April 19th - Daytime Office Demos- Details TBA!

Tuesday, April 20th- OHSU Leafletting- Details TBA!
"Chattel" Screening- IDA House- 1732 NE Alberta Street, 7p
film that exposes the conditions of animals at OHSU and other vivisection
labs and highlights the efforts of activists working to end their abuse.

Wednesday, April 21st- Work Party & Vegan Potluck
IDA House- 1732 NE Alberta Street, 7p

Thursday, April 22nd - Surprise Action! Stay Tuned!

Friday, April 23rd Vigil- Details TBA!
ADL Benefit Show
Laughing Horse Books- 12 NE 10th, 7p. $3, BYOB!
Spectoral Tombs (black metal), Renfield (electronic), Fuck You, Dad!

Saturday, April 24th- March of Dimes leafletting with In Defense of Animals
RSVP:  matt@idausa.org

Sunday, April 25th- OHSU Protest w/ In Defense of Animals
Contact  matt@idausa.org

**Portland Animal Defense League**
PO box 82733
Portland, OR 97282