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TACOMA: Anti-Prison, Anti-Border Noise Demonstration @ Northwest Detention Center

The Northwest Detention Center is located in the tideflats of Tacoma at 1623 East J Street. Plan to be in front of the prison at 11AM on Saturday April 17th. Bring anything that makes hella *noise* plus fliers (anti-prison, anti-border, anti-ICE/cops, etc.) banners, signs, etc.
The prison is isolated from the rest of Tacoma, it is partially underground so people need to be prepared to be loud. Fliers are important for the families that are visiting those locked up inside so people know what we are doing there. This is not about support, this is about solidarity. Support is a tool of reform. Solidarity breaks down walls. Fuck ICE. Fuck Prisons. Fuck Borders.

Flyerrrr 10.Apr.2010 19:16



Better link 10.Apr.2010 19:24


Information 11.Apr.2010 07:37

Spider Bite

Uhhh.there is no portion of the detention center that is underground other than communications and services vault. No person is held underground.

time change! 11.Apr.2010 13:08


*********This has been rescheduled for 2 PM***************

Time Change? 11.Apr.2010 19:34

Spider Bite

Ahh. Local sources are unaware of the time change.