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Solidarity and Repression in Seattle Anti-Police Protest

Today, Friday April 9, about 80 people came together at Seattle Central Community College to protest the police and stand in solidarity with those arrested for fighting back. Anarchists had published a call-out for West Coast days of action on April 8 and 9 in support of the struggles in Portland and the Bay Area that erupted after recent police killings, and folks in Seattle responded by organizing this protest.
In the days leading up to the protest, hundreds of posters, stickers, and flyers were put up or handed out around the center of the city, criticizing the violent role of the police in our society and urging people to come out to the march.
The protest, which included a small black bloc, a marching band, a group of homeless youth activists, and others, marched through the Central District/Capital Hill area. On the way to the police precinct, people took the streets, though after a little more than a block, bike cops and horse cops responded to shove people back onTO the sidewalk.
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