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Cops Crack Down On Labor Outside Fred Meyer

In an apparent labor dispute, two union workers were standing outside Fred Meyers on SE 39th & Hawthorne handing out flyers. Suddenly, two portland cops [in two patrole cars] drove up & approached them. What i wittnessed was a deliberate crack down on union laborers!
Just a short while ago (4:45pm approximately), i was leaving the Fred Meyers store on SE 39th & Hawthorne. There were two members of FMs' union handing out flyers (see photos). UFCW Local 555 is in a labor dispute with Kroger, which owns FM. The particualar dispute is regarding FM workers in Bend,OR & their ongoing attemps to gain a fair contract with Kroger. The two union members who were flyering outside FM today (they hadn't been there for more than 20 minutes) were approached by two Portland cops. They were threated with arrest if they did not leave immediately!
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