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Cops Crack Down On Labor Outside Fred Meyer

In an apparent labor dispute, two union workers were standing outside Fred Meyers on SE 39th & Hawthorne handing out flyers. Suddenly, two portland cops [in two patrole cars] drove up & approached them. What i wittnessed was a deliberate crack down on union laborers!
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Just a short while ago (4:45pm approximately), i was leaving the Fred Meyers store on SE 39th & Hawthorne. There were two members of FMs' union handing out flyers (see photos). UFCW Local 555 is in a labor dispute with Kroger, which owns FM. The particualar dispute is regarding FM workers in Bend,OR & their ongoing attemps to gain a fair contract with Kroger. The two union members who were flyering outside FM today (they hadn't been there for more than 20 minutes) were approached by two Portland cops. They were threated with arrest if they did not leave immediately!

A brief google search of UFCW local 555 will turn up other documented cases where Fred Meyer has called the cops on it's own workers regarding a labor dispute. Apparently there's something to all this, as FM/Kroger does not won't meddlesome union workers costing them revenue (according to UFCW, Kroger boasted about $76.7 billion in sales for 2009. UFCW also claims that Kroger was ordered to pay $70,000,000 in fines & back wages to workers at it's Ralphs stores in CA). And unlike some screaming street preacher on the corner of Pioneer Sqaure, these two unionists were very peaceful, polite, & non-intrussive. Yet, the cops swarmed in on them in the interest of "business".


 link to www.ufcw555.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.ufcw555.com/

More Info. 10.Apr.2010 16:45

Damos Abadon koldphraust@hotmail.com

Here's a photo of the flyer that was being handed out. Apolygies for the poor resolution (cam photo). All the info. on this flyer can be found on the UFCW site.

again 11.Apr.2010 11:50


remember this from the Hollywood Fred Meyer around December? The UFCW official was also arrested at another FM store a short while before.
 link to portland.indymedia.org

ummmm?? 12.Apr.2010 10:19

view from afar

Contact Atty Greg Kafoury of Kafoury and McDougal downtown Portland office

He represented the 11 women whom were signature gathering out Fred Meyers back in the late 90s and he won them 11 million dollars, as petiton gathering is protected,so union stuff I think is also protected.
Ask Greg and get video for evidence of any arrests if possible.