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Why Anarchists Make No Demands

quartersheet sized text on why anarchists do not make demands of the state, suitable to be passed out as is, or printed on the back side of a flyer with graphics on the front.
pdf  in quartersheet format
pdf in quartersheet format

As anarchists, our long term goal is a world with no more police, no state, and where we have community control of all the necessities of our lives and our very lives themselves, rather than that control resting in the hands of the state and the rich and enforced by the police.
We recognize that only all of us, in our communities, can best decide the course of how we, as communities, want to live. It is obvious to all that the state and the police will never voluntarily cease to exist, and while the state may make small concessions in an effort to calm our anger, we will continue to fight back as long as it exists. Making demands of the state only serves to acknowledge it as having some right to exist, and inevitably greatly reduces our struggle.

For a world without the state, a world without rich and poor, a world without police!

Speak for Your Selves 09.Apr.2010 13:42

an Anarchist

Please don't speak for all when talking about how you make no demands. I have many immediate demands although my long term ones line up with yours. I demand the release of all political prisoners, the firing of Ronald Frashour!

download link for pdf 09.Apr.2010 14:13

achillea millefolium

sorry for the broken link for the file. this link works to download the pdf, which is the main body of the text in quartersheet format, suitable for printing.