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Transit Riders Union Protests At Wed Trimet Austerity Cuts Hearing

21 people commented at two nights of hearings re the proposed TriMet fare hike and bus cuts to up to 60 routes. TRU urges the TriMet board to defeat both proposals from staff, come up with alternate funding, and TRU calls for the TriMet board to be elected (not appointed by Oregon's govenor, which is currently the case).
At the Wednesday austerity cuts and fare hike hearing held by TriMet, Transit Riders Union came out opposing both the five cents a ride fare hike and proposed bus and MAX cuts. 17 people talked at this hearing held at the Portland Building in downtown Portland, all opposing the cuts and fare hike. A hearing the night before at Clackamas Community College drew 4 people who made comments. A third hearing is tonight at a location that TriMet was very unclear about -- the TriMet official told us that the location is close to the 15 bus and to MAX by Mall 205, at Academy School, but he wasn't exactly sure how to get there, etc.
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