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April Bark About to the Proposed Clackamas River Palomar Pipeline

One of the best ways to help stop LNG development in Oregon is to get on the ground and see what is threatened for yourself. The Palomar Pipeline threatens to clearcut some of our remaining ancient forests in Mt. Hood National Forest. By witnessing our forests as they stand today, you will be a stronger advocate for their future!
Roaring River Wilderness
Roaring River Wilderness
Prior Hike to Proposed Palomar Clackamas  River Crossing
Prior Hike to Proposed Palomar Clackamas River Crossing
Botany Hike to Clackamas  River Watershed
Botany Hike to Clackamas River Watershed
For the monthly Bark we will be hiking to the proposed pipeline route along the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River, staying on trail for most of the day. The trail is easy to moderate hiking. We will be hiking approximately three miles. It also provides fantastic views, so don't forget your camera!

Bark Palomar Pipe Line Updates

Bark-Abouts are led on the second Sunday of every month and are free to the public. Not your average trail hike through the forest, Bark-Abouts provide hikers with a first-hand view of proposed logging and development. If you are just finding out about Bark, this is a great way to get involved.

Carpools meet at the Hollywood Trader Joe's, 4121 NE Halsey in Portland. It is across the street from the Hollywood Transit Center, near the I-84 exit 2. If you would like to meet us between Portland and the forest, please call the Bark office in the week before the hike to arrange a meeting location.

Please bring lunch, water and sturdy sneakers or boots. As well, the weather is very unpredictable this time of year, so don't forget extra layers of clothes. We also HIGHLY encourage people to bring money for gas to give to people willing to drive. We sincerely appreciate people who make our carpools work and hope you can help us keep this tradition alive by directly supporting our volunteer carpool.

Some Barkabouts may not be appropriate for dogs. If you would like to bring your dog, please call the office to find out of this Barkabout will be dog friendly. Dog owners are required to drive their own cars to the Barkabout. Dogs on Barkabouts must be under control at all times and need to be leashed during lunch time.

For questions about the hike or what to bring, please call the office at 503-331-0374 in the week before the hike.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org