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How to use inherited assets?

If you were gifted funds which (you consider to be) invested immorally but of value, how to best use this for the common and personal good?
Turning into cash or gold directly seems like much if it will fund the government and a war I don't support and police pensions I don't care to pay for. I haven't heard (but I'd like to...) if there is any theory of anti-capitalism from the position of being an investor. Is the thing to do hold on to hard cash, real state, land? Is the non-profit the best institution to begin philanthropy or to make a corporation in the purpose of doing good rather than profit? Leaving it to appreciate seems a mixed good; the more these assets are worth, in theory the more cash can be taken away from institutions I oppose eventually, while on the other hand every moment they possess this capital, it is apart of their schemes (no matter, it is doubtlessly less than one percent of their massive fortunes).

. 08.Apr.2010 17:41


what is the best thing to do is a question that you have to wrestle with based on your values. interest, or profit, will always come at the price of exploitation, human and otherwise. it can be hard to justify holding onto money to let it grow in order to give more away in the future in this light.

check out enoughenough.org, which is a blog of radicals who are grappling with the question on what is enough.

also look at resource generation.  http://www.resourcegeneration.org/home.html

Our purpose is to promote innovative ways for young people with wealth to align their personal values and political vision with their financial resources to deepen their social and civic engagement. Resource Generation supports the ability of these young people to better understand themselves as philanthropists, their place in the socio-economic system, and their capacities to contribute to social change. Resource Generation builds cross-class alliances with people and organizations working for social, racial and economic justice.