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VIDEOS: Anti Police Violence Protest - 4 videos of Portland' stand against police violence

These four videos are 45 minute average length
Very little editing but some was done for various reasons
Filmed on 3.29.10 on the streets of Portland
A protest to Rise Up in public against the use of Police Violence & Force on citizens of Portland
Who's Streets - 3.29.10
Who's Streets - 3.29.10
The most amazing thing is that after the protests the corporate news reports a whole different story than what I filmed and seen as I stood "next to them" for 5 hours

See for your selves ((( i ))) and don't believe the corporate media:



** TAPE 1 of 4

 link to www.archive.org

** TAPE 2 of 4


** TAPE 3 of 4


** TAPE 4 of 4



All violence used on humans at the march, stemmed from the police trying to restrict the march and their freedom of speech period!

Further more you can see police leadership ordering the use of horses into the crowds to cause physical harm and chaos

The violence I seen used, was all uncalled for and unnecessary....
I did noticed that the police were restrictive in their use of "pepperspray" which was commendable

The use of horses should be completely done away with, the fact that police motorcycles and bikes can ride into the people should be called out, as well as using the bicycle as a tool/weapon and hitting protesters with it.

In the video you will see officers with no name tags, or "new name tags" that are very HARD to read due to the colors used.

You also will see the police video taping the marchers, for "I don't know what or why"?
They told me years ago it was for "their own training" ???
It didn't look like they were filming for any kind of training that I seen on 3.29

You will see the police blocking of streets and sidewalks for no reason but to cause rioting and crowd reaction, you will see unjustified arrests, and officers using their equipment on peaceful demonstrators in ways to cause pain or serious injuries.

On being fair I will comment that some officers were acting respectful as they were following orders with out resorting to using violence or reacting negatively by their emotional frustration like others in their rank were seen doing.

Most of the arrest seemed to stem from when police boxed in the marchers or were creating sidewalk blocks/pickets to prevent free travel. Worth mentioning again is the using of horses to walk on-top of the protesters when they were all ready boxed in and surrounded.

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