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Spit-Burger for Po-Po in Vancouver

Cop gets spit in his food at a Burger King in Vancouver
This is kind of old news, but I just read in a "food news network" article about a cop who ordered a burger at Burger King and found a huge puddle of spit in it (ha ha ha!). I don't usually think about Burger King employees as heroes, but I am tempted to at least think favorably of this young man for his courageous act of resistance to the existence of police in general (or at least this individual cop), and to the practice of feeding them beef in particular. And better yet, it seems like he will get away with it! The article ( http://eatdrinkandbe.org/article/litigation.0331_law_policewhopper) says that he can't be arrested for the incident. He did, however, lose his shitty job. Also, the cop is suing Burger King! It's a win-win situation where all the bad guys lose!