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Video: Live Interview With Karen Coulter, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

Live interview with Karen Coulter, director and co founder of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, an organization seeking to protect, defend, and restore the natural ecosystems of the Blue Mountains and eastern Oregon Cascades bioregions.
Karen Coulter, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
Bark Hike to Cascade Mountains East Side
Bark Hike to Cascade Mountains East Side
In this 1/2 hour excerpt from the weekly Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," Karen speaks about her work in four National Forests in Central Oregon, the Umatilla, Malheur, Ochoco, and Deschutes - as well as the Prineville Bureau of Land Management(BLM )District.

These efforts on the east side of the Cascade mountains mirror those performed by Bark on the west side, particularly the Mt. Hood National Forest.

The Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project website states, "our efforts include proactive public education on ecological issues, forest surveys and documentation of proposed public lands projects (timber sales, road building, livestock grazing, herbicide and biocide programs, etc.), training, ongoing involvement in public lands policy management decisions, and litigation in federal courts to protect the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the region."

"We reach public audiences and activists across the Pacific Northwest and nationally with our outreach on threats to biodiversity in the Blue Mountains bioregion, strategy ideas addressing root causes of these threats, and activist skills trainings."
And further, that "our litigation efforts have resulted in precedent-setting legal victories, protecting essential wildlife habitat and creating beneficial environmental case law for use by activists elsewhere.

In order to do this, Coulter spends a great part of the year in the field in these locations groundtruthing Forest Service and BLM timber sales and invites the public to volunteer in this worthwhile effort.
Volunteers are requested from about May 15th until the end of September and food subsidies are offered for those who are unemployed. "People can come out for as little or as long as they like during that time. The longer they stay the more they learn about forest ecology, fire ecology, plant and wildlife identification and other activist skills, and the more help they are to me." During the last 15 minutes or so of the program, Karen provides slides of the Eastern side of the Cascades and discusses some of the problems created by destructive logging and grazing practices in these areas.

Karen Coulter, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

homepage: homepage: http://www.bmbp.org

Karen rocks 11.Apr.2010 08:29


Thanks, Jim. This is a great interview.

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