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jesus christ did not get executed on a cross so governor rick perry could continue executing possible innocent poor americans in texas !!
~ texas governor rick perry lombasts his little demons~another fine mess you got me into...and nobody will be the wiser ~

texas and american religious leaders are not buying into these satanic verses ~ oc~cult like texas executions of governor rick perry! satanic verses of texas governor rick perry ~ or are we all just in a horrific nightmare ???

*** governor rick perry appears to be satans man to go to in a pinch for injustices in texas *** with over 200 executions already under his belt this texas terminating governor is estimated to pass 350 executions by his rumored future 2012 presidential election bid ....

our u.s.supreme court is composed of some very keen minds and are now all very aware that other unjust minds and souls in powerful positions in america are attempting to have normal caring americans believe that modern day advances in science (dna or fingerprint evidence) should only be available to convict criminals and not exonerate the innocent !!!

~ lets execute first then check the dna & fingerprint evidence

america~ texas governor rick perry obviously believes dna testing should only be used 2 convict the guilty not exonerate the innocent ???

*** thank god poor americans that our fbi and u.s. justice department do not think like this governor rick perry of texas !!!

normal americans consider finger prints and dna infornmation important data that should all be evaluated before executing a possible innocent american ~ governor perry ...

~ very scary how this blood thirsty governor of texas rick perry could care less if a possible innocent man is even executed without being able to prove his innocence using dna testing ~

u.s. supreme court knows satan has his hand on our american judicial system governor perry !!!
**our u.s. supreme court is also well aware that innocent poor americans without proper legal representation in texas and beyond are continuing to be possibly wrongfully executed governor rick perry !!!

satan apparently has his hand on our u.s. judicial system & also some of our so called leaders who are pulling the plug on our possible innocent citizens without even losing a wink of sleep !!!

~ texas governor rick perry plays hari~kari with god or orders dna testing on the walking dead ~

governor rick perry of texas needs to call the terminator governor of california about dna testing,girly men and political hari~kari ..... arnold,will your fellow republican governor rick perry of texas play hari~kari with god & become satans texas terminator in deciding that only girly men in texas need dna testing before their possible wrongful executions ???


texas death row inmate's final request: dna testing. his odds look poor, but a murder convict hopes the supreme court makes texas put off his execution. march 19, 2010|by david g. savage reporting from washington (la times) texas death row inmate hank skinner, convicted of murdering his girlfriend and her two sons 16 years ago, has only one request before he is executed next week.

he says the state should be required to do dna tests of evidence from the victim, such as semen and blood under her fingernails, that could prove, once and for all, who was the real killer. his lawyers do not say they are certain he is innocent. they are certain, however, that no one should be put to death without testing crucial evidence that could show the wrong man was convicted.

skinner has asked the u.s. supreme court to block the execution, set for wednesday, to permit time for the testing.

skinner was an obvious suspect in the murder of twila busby on new year's eve 1993. he had been drunk and asleep on her couch shortly before she was strangled and clubbed to death in the same room. her blood as well as that of one of her dead sons was found on his clothes. skinner insists he awoke in a stupor to find his girlfriend murdered, and he maintains that her uncle was the killer.

"the state of texas is trying to kill me for something i didn't do," skinner said in a recent taped interview from prison. "we are asking to test all the evidence they identified as important."

skinner left a trail of blood as he staggered from busby's house in the north texas town of pampa. he said he had cut his hand on a broken bottle when he fell off the couch, and his bloody palm prints were found near the victims.

but police and prosecutors did not test other evidence from the crime scene, including a vaginal swab from the victim and her fingernail clippings. it appeared as though she had been raped and struggled with her killer.

busby had left a new year's eve party before midnight after her drunken uncle made rude sexual advances.

two bloody knives also went untested, even though her 20- and 22-year-old sons had been stabbed to death. skinner's appointed defense lawyer could have had this evidence tested prior to the trial, but he did not do so.

"in any investigation today, all of this evidence would have been tested for dna," said rob owen, a university of texas law professor who now represents skinner. "but why not do the testing now?"

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lawyers for poor americans is a www volunteer lobby that sings out for our middle~class and working americans. we can be found with any search engine on the web by our name or telephone number.listed below are a sample of our other titles of previous written articles anyone can enter into a www search to locate.


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4)model beverly johnson commits hari ~ cari perjury ?

5)rev rick warren,are these crimes against humnity issues ???

6)god and president obama are walking hand in hand on this one !!!

7)u.s.congressional ged lawyers never leave american prisons !!

8)the devil went down to georgia !

9)the us congress has denied masses of americans their possible freedoms !!!

10)oprah,these really are crimes against humnity issues ???

*** lawyers for poor americans has lobbied various locations from around the world and an assortment of international and national parties such as the pope,queen elizabeth ii, royal family, malibu, oxnard,ventura,
prince charles,oprah,bono,u2,
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the good the bad and the ugly are all apparently fighting in texas for and against justice for all americans !!! ~ governor rick perry of texas declares ~ the devil made me do it ~ jesus christ healed the sick and governor rick perry of texas executes the possible innocent ???

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