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There has been another night trapping at Bonnevlle dam, trapping sleeping animals as they lay hauled out on the platforms. We do not know at this time how many sea lions might have been taken, or who they are.
SLDB monitors reporting from the Sea Wolf One could hear the activity in the dark. At around 4am, they heard the gate clanking open, and turned a spotlight onto the area. The light flooded over agents who had hoped to be in and out of there under cover of darkness, but monitors were able to see what they were doing anyway. The same sad ritual of removal. It is believed that Solo may be among the trapped and probably doomed animals. Alas.

By 5:45am, when officials expected to be out of there before sunrise and had hoped to be out before being seen, the animals had been transported away.

homepage: homepage: http://sealiondefensebrigade.org
address: address: Sea Wolf One, Babks of the Columbia, Republic of Cascadia

More Details 06.Apr.2010 12:35


I want to add that the agents arrived before dawn, in the stormy darkness, to collect the trapped animal and haul him away to die. They ran with their running lights off the entire time. Both on the way out and on the way back with the animal, they illegally and unsafely ran with their running lights OFF. They had hoped for secrecy and unaccountability. They do not want the public to know what they were up to. By dawn, as one monitor on the scene said, "Hey look! Everything clean. No evidence that anything ever happened here in the night."

However, as alert SLDB monitors were on the scene, they witnessed everything. They heard the clanging trap gate, and heard the boats running in the dark. Saw everything.

The trapped animal is C697, and is to be lethally injected - killed - today.

Alas. We think this might be Solo. Working to find out.

Awful! 06.Apr.2010 13:59

There must be a way to stop this

This makes no sense. Fishing quotas have risen every year. They are allowed to kill 16% of the run this year, the fishermen. And we know that the dams kill more than 70% of all endangered salmon on the Columbia. So tell me why we are letting them kill SEA LIONS?