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Paul Wolfowitz At Lewis & Clark TONIGHT!!!

One of the worst criminals in these dis-united states has been invited to speak tonight at Lewis & Clark College. Instead of rotting away in a jail cell, this neocon thug was asked to participate in Lewis & Clark's 48th Annual International Affairs Symposium. It seems only fair that we the people show up tonight to protest Lewis and Clark's stupidity and criminality (yes, criminality!) by inviting this warmongering scum to their campus!
On Monday, April 5 at 7:30 p.m., Paul Wolfowitz will be at Agnes Flanagan Chapel - complimentary advance tickets required.
See  http://www.lclark.edu/college/departments/international_affairs/symposium/

For those folks who don't remember this piece of shit - one of the designers responsible for 9/11 - here's a summary:

"Paul Dundes Wolfowitz (born 1943), is best known to be one of the "architects" of the war against Iraq. He is one of the original neocons and signatory to the Project for the New American Century, PNAC. He served briefly as president of the World Bank in 2006, but resigned in disgrace in May 2007 due to ethics violations. In July 2007 he joined the American Enterprise Institute to work on "entrepreneurship and development issues, Africa, and public-private partnerships". ...

Wolfowitz, considered to be one of the most prominent and "hawkish" of the neo-conservatives, is the principal author of the "Wolfowitz doctrine", also known as the Bush doctrine. His expertise is with the Middle East and Asia."

"Paul Dundes Wolfowitz is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, former academic, diplomat, military strategist, policymaker, and a dick. Wolfowitz served in the Defense and State Departments under Carter, Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush. In 2007, he resigned from the World Bank after an investigation over a promotion he secured for his girlfriend, and the fact that the affair forced people to conclude that someone was, indeed, willingly having sexual intercourse with Wolfowitz."

backstory on neocon wolfowitz 06.Apr.2010 16:58


Interesting video explaining wolfowitz's "role" in this last decade's war years— the lead up, aftermath of the shock & awe campaign of destruction (Operation Iraqi Liberation = O.I.L.), and future of 'endless war'. History repeats itself if it is forgotten. It is important to remember. It also includes a history lesson on just what the Project for the New American Century was all about. For those who've never seen this documentary it really is a "must see" if you want to gain insight and understanding into the events of the last ten years and U.S. foreign policy and military domination. War criminals need to be held accountable for war crimes. Truth for justice.

(flashback) Hijacking Catastrophe: Blueprint for Empire  link to www.youtube.com

If the corporate mainstream media had any ounce of integrity and told the truth by reporting the news instead of following the script and deceiving the public by spinning biased pro-war propaganda, misinformation/disinformation & telling lies we wouldn't be in the situation we're in today. Anything for money I guess— even if it's at the cost of the planet (war for profit $$$). There was an endless bombardment of fear-mongering drilled into the public consciousness with the constant threat from the "war on terror". The corporate msm was complicit in fulfilling the war agenda with its constant spewing of "disinfotainment"/distractions (what passes as "so-called news"). Truth really is the first casualty of war.

Endless Lies = Endless War

All I can say is... do they think it was worth it??? — considering the ultimate cost.

campaign of death & destruction 07.Apr.2010 11:47


Corporatist Fascism and disaster capitalism intertwined with the war machine (it's all connected and is one and the same)— money/profit is always the bottom line. Life means nothing to these sick monsters who only seek to fill their pockets and are powered only by greed and bloodlust. They don't care about what they do or who they murder just as long as they get rich in the process. War is a game to them. They have no concern for life or for the innocent people they slaughter. "Acceptable collateral losses" (of life and destruction of land/infrastructure vital to these people's lives) to them is all "justified" if they say it is. Crimes of the military (and corporate mercenaries) are innumerable. As we've been told— they don't do "body counts" of civilians/casualties on the other side. Why is that exactly? Well because to them their deaths don't matter. To them their lives have no meaning or worth. They stand in the way of their "objective" which has always been about money, power & control— Imperialist Hegemony. Control of people, control of resources, control of the region. Those in 'control' are criminals. This has always been the case from day 1. This was always the war agenda. As usual though we were lied to, betrayed, and misled as to what was really happening. It's all smoke & mirrors. It's time to break free from the myths and illusions and see things for what they really are. It's time to end the insanity! It's time we rise up and say ENOUGH! Stop the bloodshed & killing! Silence = Complicity Collateral Murder  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/04/398406.shtml

Seek alternatives to "corporate/consumer world" and RESIST enslavement by imperialism. Think about the connections between globalization, the transnational corporations and the military industrial complex. Think about 'disaster capitalism' and the 'true cost' of 'so-called profit' under this 'system'. Think about how it's all connected. We can 'free our minds' and create something new. By understanding the "system" and realizing 'what's at stake' we are empowered and better able to find solutions. The first steps to finding solutions are 'seeing things for what they really are' and 'stop living in denial' about what we're dealing with. Truth will set us all free. It's time for 'truth & justice' to be realized if we ever wish for any kind of true and lasting "freedom".

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Break away from the "distractions" and corporate brainwashing and see things for what they really were (and for what they are now). It's just 'more' of the same.
(flashback- to put things into perspective) We Want Your Soul  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH_DkBI9Qsk

Learn from the mistakes of the past so we are not doomed to repeat history. It's time to evolve.

"Another world is not only possible, she's on her way... on a quiet day I can hear her breathing". - Arundhati Roy

RESIST Empire— there are alternatives to the "system" and to globalization.

Power to the People Always.
~ solidarity & peace
Another World is Possible.
Another World is Possible.

War as a “product” to be sold. 08.Apr.2010 08:44

buyer beware

In order to "create war" a marketing campaign needs to be used to plan it. The war was a product that was sold to us. Actually there's nothing new about this product. It's the same product sold again & again. Hopefully in the future people will choose to not buy what they're selling. Although, it will be hard with the Supreme Court "corporate ruling" giving the corporations ultimate control. They will have the power to make more bad decisions than ever before.

First the product needs to be created using marketing "think tanks" to think it up and make it happen. A Product for the New American Century. Then it needs to be sold to the American public through a campaign of fear & intimidation.

9/11 needs to be reexamined. In order to make money fear & war was sold.

America loves its products though. Even if the product is a corporate war.