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North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office Communique Update

Date: April 1, 2010
Institution Targeted: University of Utah

Received anonymously:

Salt Lake City, Utah

It may be april fools day, but the last thing we were doing was fooling around.

On the morning of april 1st, our cell visited the homes of three vivisectors from the University of Utah who have been known to test, torture, and kill many animals from local shelters in unjustified 'scientific' experiments. Unlike their drunken, wife abusing colleague Audie Levanthal who decided to quit vivisecting at the U of U after pressure from underground activists, these vivisectors decided to stay, praying that the new laws & legislation's against Above Ground Activists would help protect them. Well we aren't above ground activists & laws won't stop us from doing what is right & helping animals.
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