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We Need To Support Net Neutrality

Comcast, AT&T and Verizon have deployed hundreds of lobbyists in a final push to kill the open Internet. Their goal: Take control of Internet content away from Internet users. Their tactic: Tell outrageous lies about Net Neutrality ? which is the only thing stopping them from interfering with your online experience.
You now have four days left to convince the FCC that these companies are wrong.

Debunk Their Junk; Demand Net Neutrality.

Free Press and our allies in the Save the Internet Coalition are gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures to show the FCC that Internet users -- and not corporations -- should control the Internet.

In the last year alone, phone and cable companies have spent more than $90 million to hire nearly 500 D.C. lobbyists in a last-minute push for power over what we do, where we go and with whom we connect online.

Their lobbyists are now flooding the FCC with lies that portray Net Neutrality as a threat to the free-flowing Internet.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We need to speak out now to keep the Internet open. The FCC must craft new Net Neutrality rules that protect our Internet freedom. Our best chance to be heard by the agency ends Thursday, April 8, when the agency's docket for public comments closes.

Tell the FCC: Net Neutrality Protects the Open Internet

Set the record straight: Tell the FCC that Net Neutrality is essential to keeping the future of communications open and available to all Americans.

It's critical that the FCC hears from you before the April 8 deadline. Please tell the FCC to protect Net Neutrality once and for all.

P.S. Please get all of your friends to support free speech online; share on Twitter.

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