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There is no right or left, only right and wrong.

Corporations and private bankers are running both the Democratic and Republican parties -- we need to break out of the boxed-in thinking that these are our only choices!
Asking me if I'm a Democrat or a Republican is like asking a vegan how she likes her eggs -- do I prefer my Fascism slick and sneaky or hard-boiled and in my face?

Watching political punditry on the mainstream news is like watching a Punch and Judy puppet show. We're being distracted by a couple of annoying arguing puppets, who are really controlled by the right and left hands of the same guy, while his partner weaves through the crowd to pick our pockets.

One thing I wish Americans would wake up to is the fact that our two major parties are being run by the same guys, and things are set up for us to think that we have a choice, when really it's not much of a choice at all. It should be clear by now that though Obama promised to end the war and close down Guantanamo, Gitmo is still open for business and we have even more troops assigned to Afghanistan. Sure, he managed to pass a health care reform bill, but with control of the house, senate and executive you'd think the Democrats could have done away with the parasitical insurance companies. Instead, they practically let the insurance companies write the bill -- making themselves mandatory.

Let's face it, there is no true voice for progressives within the Democratic party, just as there is no true voice for old style conservatism within the Republican party. Both parties are corrupt to the core with corporate interests. If we're going to solve this mess our country's in, we're going to have to find a way to introduce real choice into our political system -- because choosing between Democrat and Republican is like choosing between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

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There is a right and left 05.Apr.2010 14:50

mostly agree

I agree with everything you are saying, except the title. There is a right and left, it's just that this spectrum is not represented in our political system. I think it's important to recognize some core values, and differentiate between left/progressive/libertarian values and more right-wing tendencies that are also libertarian (Ron Paul, some tea party, some 911 truthers). Not doing so is dangerous, and can lead more people down the wrong path. Just because we agree on some issues, such as the war or Patriot Act, does not mean we should work together.

re: mostly agree 05.Apr.2010 20:29



far too many right-wing populists fooling progressives.

We need to separate secondary political issues from core LEFT principal issues.

the right wing can agree with us over a number of secondary issues;but never fundamental ones -- like using corporate wealth for public consumption.

Holy Shit 07.Apr.2010 16:24


No progressives in the Democrat party? Well, yes there are, and bunches of them, in fact your speaker of the house is certainly one. She is letting the power go to her head, too. I know that the progressives in the Democrat party are probably not progressive enough for ya, but there are certainly a bunch of them, including the Congressional Black Caucus. Now as far as the parties being about the same, Jody is spot on, because progressives have invaded the Republican party, too, effectively kicking asleep at the wheel conservatives to the curb. President Obama finally woke the conservatives up, just watch what happens starting this Nov. Electing Obama is probably the best thing to happen to America in a 100 years. He has energized conservatives from the bottom to the top. The little taste of Socialism Obama has provided gave that ass kick conservatives needed to get them out of the old comfort zone. After beating the democrats in the Nov elections I would bet that a strong conservative is nominated for President in 2012, there are a couple out there that could unite the Republicans and the conservative base and draw enough independents to purge the congress of a good number of progressive/socialist incumbents and take the Presidency. Lots of shit is about to change, and I doubt you are going to be happy with it at all, Jody.