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Know Your Rights training in Eugene - April, for parents!

The Civil Liberties Defense Center in conjunction with Amigos & the Eugene Free School Program is proud to announce FREE "Know Your Rights" trainings for the public presented in both English and Spanish. Participants are asked to bring paper and pen for note taking purposes. The Civil Liberties Defense Center's mission is to strengthen, inform, and increase the efficiency of the progressive social change movement. Our projects educate people about their rights and why they are important. "Know Your Rights" trainings are specifically tailored to meet the needs of participants.
Come learn about your parental rights & the legal issues associated with juveniles. In addition, you will get a preview of the Juvenile training so that you can comfortably bring your children next month to learn about their rights as well.

*English: April 7 * 5:30-7pm @ The Birdhouse at 112 E. 13^th Ave. Eugene, OR*
Spanish: April 21 * 5:30-7pm @ The Whitaker School is located at 21 N. Grand St., Eugene, OR

homepage: homepage: http://www.cldc.org
phone: phone: 541-687-9180