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Sea Lion Party and Faux Fish Fry in the Gorge

What: A sea lion party, faux fish fry, keg and educational Columbia River outing
When: Saturday, April 10th, 11:30 AM (Cool Bus will leave at noon, and return in Portland between 6 PM and 7 PM)
Where: Bus pick up at the IDA office, 1732 NE Alberta St.
RSVP: to matt@idausa.org or 503-249-9996

Mark your calendars and reserve your spot on the Cool Bus for a road trip party in the Columbia River Gorge with beer, food and friends! On Saturday, April 10th, In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Sea Lion Defense Brigade are hosting a chauffeured day of community building for the sea lion campaign on the Columbia River at the Bonneville Dam, complete with field discussions about the campaign, river ecology, salmon and sea lions with the breathtaking view of the gorge as the backdrop. The designated driver has all been arranged so we can safely share a keg of local micro brew and fire up the deep fryer for a faux fish fry feast with friends. You won't want to miss it so RSVP now for a seat on the bus today! Reserve your spot at matt@idausa.org or 503-249-9996.

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Solo Still Mourning the Dead Out on the Columbia

It was beautiful up on the Columbia today. The sun lit the edges of huge, dramatic clouds, and the jagged mountains above the dam were laced with snow. Down on the water, both Steller and California sea lions drifted through the jade green water, lazily blowing little puffs of steam out into the crisp morning air. As I sat there on the grassy bank above the water, with three other sea lion defenders, it was almost possible, at least momentarily, to forget the pain we had felt here on this very spot, only a few days before, as we watched two sea lions being hauled away to die.

But just across the water, almost hidden against the dark rocks beneath the wall along Cascades Island, we could see the dark form of a sea lion, silhouetted against gray concrete. This is Solo. We were sobered by the sound of his wailing cries. Growing less insistent now, he seems to be giving up. He went for some time without uttering a sound. But he never left the place of his lonely vigil, all through the day. Now and then, we would hear him and be reminded of what was lost here. He has refused to leave this spot for two days and nights, not even to eat. He watches the traps and calls out for the sea lions who will never return. Every now and then, Solo's song broke hauntingly through the bright day, a reminder of the sorrow that still hangs in the air here.

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