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Lets Legislate Limits upon the Size, Weight, Noise, and Power of PetrolVees

The Chevy Suburban, The GMC Yukon, The Dodge Ram 2500 - these are all examples of vehicles which are simply too large and noisy to be People, Pet, Pedestrian, Cyclist, and Wildlife friendly. Their ownership and operation should not be allowed within the City of Portland except in limited numbers by special permit and only for an interim transition period.
Automobile drivers routinely race, rage, and roar their vehicles down the road.

The larger, heavier, and noisier the vehicle, the more harm that is done when drivers engage in these behaviors.

These behaviors constitute the Abuse Of Power Under the Hood.

These are some reasons why the largest of vehicles should no longer be manufactured and operated, except in limited numbers by special permit and only for a limited transition period.

A transition period of a few years will allow current vehicle owners, manufacturers, and American Society as a whole to make the change to better transportation.