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Steve Murphy Sentencing on Monday

Please join us in court on Monday in LA....
Steve's sentencing is this MONDAY! Please attend if you can!

312 N. Spring St.

Los Angeles, CA

Courtroom #8 (Judge Manuel Real)

1:30 pm.

This is perhaps the most important way you can support Steve. Standing in a courtroom alone can be a very scary experience. It would be wonderful if we could pack the courtroom with supporters so Steve will know he's not alone. If at all possible, please plan on coming to Steve's sentencing. Sentencing is set for April 5. The hearing will be at the Courthouse located at: 312 N.
Spring St. in Los Angeles. Courtroom #8 (Judge Manuel Real) at 1:30 p.m. Please dress accordingly.

Steve's girlfriend will be in town from Sunday to Wednesday and requests that no visitation attempts are made during this time. Steve is only allowed one visit per day and they wish to spend this time together. Please don't let this deter you from making future visits to Steve! He is all alone in San Bernardino and friendly faces are always welcome. Note that when you make an appointment, if you can't make it, please call and cancel the appointment. Otherwise, Steve is left waiting in a holding room for hours only to be let down when no one comes. Always keep that in mind when making appointments.

** Steve is good on books at the moment and is currently requesting people donate for stamps, envelopes, paper, etc. instead.*

Hope to see you at sentencing!

Thanks to you all,
Steve's Support Crew

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportsteve.org