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Portland Water Bureau Fascism

Thoughts on our water/sewer bills
We all understand that these are difficult times. Sometimes, like this, it's hard to pay bills, much less on time. Well, my friends, the Portland Water Bureau is here to help you. What sort of help can you expect from the Portland Water Bureau?

1. If you're a week late, you get a +$1 "Carrying Charge Penalty"
2. If you are two weeks late, you get a reminder notice and a $5 charge
3. If you are three weeks late, you get a "Pre Shut Off Notice & Term BB" plus an additional $10 charge
4. If you are four weeks late, you get a "Last Chance Notice" plus an additional $15 charge
5. After that, you get disconnected, and probably a re-connection fee
6. In summary, if you're over a month late, it will only cost you $31+ to become a good citizen. What a deal!

Isn't it so cool the the Portland Water Bureau is here to help us in times of trouble?

If the nice Portland Water Bureau is not doing enough to encourage your patronage, you always can go elsewhere. Water use is optional and Capitalism always ensures competition. Right?

And isn't it wonderful that Sam Adams and the entire, wonderful Portland City Council plan to use your sewer fees to build bike lanes? I'm a cyclist and I love the idea that they were able to find an extra $20,000,000 in my sewer payments to fund bike lanes. It makes me proud that Portland has nearly the highest water/sewer rates in the nation.

Doesn't it just send a shiver down your spine to live in this great city?