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28 Lincoln,Nebraska Cops and 5 sgts suspended, One CSI Fired

Cops in Lancaster County suspended for watching T.V ,not patrolling streets,protecting citizens.
TOP CSI investigater Douglas County stripped of job after found guilty of blood evidence tampering.
April 1st,2010
Twenty Eight Cops and 5 of them Sgts on the late night shift recieved 10-20 days suspension without pay,because on nights that their were blizzards They hid out in Police substations all over Lincoln,watching T.V. cops shows,Husker Games out of state,and just use the computors to play games and do personal stuff.

The 321 manned police force will still function,the officers will each gradually serve their suspension in a staggered pattern as it was pretty much the entire overnight shift that got busted from a rookie cop whom complained.

Chief of Police of 35 years,Thomas Cassidy ,Stated his mortification of his mens behavior,"And each officer will be having a chat from the Chief that they will soon not forget."
Chief Cassidy also stated,"that his officers blantant disregard of the Citizens of Lincoln,Nebraska on the overnight shift when they should have been out patrolling for burgalurs, and traffic issues, and all the other cop duties is not exceptable,nor will ever be tolerable.

Seems like Daddy Cassidy needs to get Parental lock-out contorls on all the computers.

Cassidy also stated," that because technology has evolved that it makes it easyier for this type of abuse,and in his day, it was a transitor Radio in the police car to listen to games while on duty".

March 31st,2010
Head CSI investigator Doglas County,Omaha Nebraska was
stripped of Badge and accreditadtion and job,and assigned to pay all his own attorney fees,after a civilian court found him Guilty last week of Tampering with Blood evidence.
He dilberatly planted blood dna from a Murdock ,Nebraska murder investigation years ago,and 2 fasly accused men went to prison.
The judge in this trial could not understand how other cops investigating the samer murder,found no blood evidence,yet David Kofoed CSI investigator was able to.

Kofoed sat thru the same trial in a federal court last month,in Nebraska and that Federal D.A. was not able to prevail.
A recent Omaha World Herald political cartoon depticts CSI Investigator Koefed wrapped up in Police tape head to toe,with the caption,"Crime Scene"

In January 2009, The State of Nebraska passed a law across the Governors desk with full court press(Teater present) that allowed the so-called

"BEATRICE 5 " defendants of a fasley accused murder from 25 years ago,(whom sat in Prison for 20 years or more)to each under the new law recieve a flat reperartion of
$50,000 and an amount of renumeration per year served,and any new cases that arise in Nebraska of fasley accused murderers and dna results exonerate them, they to will qualify for these awards.

Because of recent Gang drive up shootings in North Omaha,Nebraska about 3 a day for the last 2 weeks,and about one murder per shooting every other day,a Group called "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" has been formed and is training themselves to take back their streets and neighborhood. The Guardian Angels are protesting, because they feel more empowered to do the job as they know better what to watch for, however the effort by Enough is Enough is a starting point.
The cops really ought to step it up, cause the Gang members seriously dont care whom the hit.A mother died last week and she was not the intended target.

Sarah Pahlin and her Tea Party Gang are storming into Omaha today,UGH !where's "Portland Peaceful Response" when I need them?
or those wonderful Grannies.