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Police say we are trying to HURT AND PROVOKE THE HORSES????

I would like to bring this news report to people's attention if you haven't already seen it..
The man who made this report took quotes off of this website and still gave VERY misleading information. The cop that's interviewed in this report is stating that we were trying to hurt and provoke these animals while at the same time we were chanting "get these animals off these horses!" and also "the animals did not sign up for this!" this reporter's emailed me and asked me to make a report against the officer who ran me over.. I sadly didn't get the message in time, but even if I did I don't feel like the story would have been in our favor. they say that when a horse slipped once, people tried to run for the horse and keep it down... is this true on our side? if so, I feel that it's the wrong approach, although I know that the media will make it out to be something it's not. The article says quote: Schoening says protesters are usually vocal, but careful in the presence of the bureau's 1,800 pound horses. Monday, he says the animals and their riders were confronted as targets. "They were using tactics to try to intimidate the horses, scare the horses. It was clear that they were prepared for that for the horses to be there." Schoening says when a horse went down after slipping on a MAX line, the crowd cheered and tried to rush the animal before it could rise. "This group didn't seem to have a legitimate message to get out. They were there to cause trouble," said Schoening...... The protesters had a very different take. On the Portland Independent Media Center website, one writer stated an officer "used his horse's face to smack a man's face. The man was not doing anything during the assault." Another wrote, "I was pushed from behind and a cop ran me over with his horse and almost broke my toes from stomping on them. The writers view the horses as police weapons, but Schoening disagrees. To him, they're moving walls used to keep protesters off the streets. "The horse is simply there to make sure they can't do those things that they want to do to disrupt the community. We're not going to let that happen," explained Schoening. To me, this is wrong and misleading to what we are trying to support.. if you would like the reporter's email, (to possibly get the right information out there) just leave a comment.. or read it and watch the report yourself at: http://www.kgw.com/news/Mounted-Patrol-says-horses-provoked-89573697.html I just wanted to bring this to people's attention because I know that most of us fight for animal rights and don't want to be portrayed as trying to hurt these creatures, whether or not they are in the wrong hands. (A)(E)(<3)& Solidarity

homepage: homepage: http://www.kgw.com/news/Mounted-Patrol-says-horses-provoked-89573697.html

It's their attempt to split and push back 31.Mar.2010 15:10


This interview is clearly an attempt by the police to spread disunity amongst us. Their logic is probably, that those more involved in the animal rights / animal liberation aspects of our social movements will suddenly turn against other elements due to the cops' allegations of violence towards the horses. Hopefully we will prove their pathetic attempts wrong. Our movements are geared towards the total liberation of all human and non-human animals, including the freedom of police horses from their disgusting riders.

On another note I find it repulsive and disturbing how the officer in the clip attempts to reclaim the buzzword "community" by saying that Monday's march disrupted the community and that such disruption was our only aim. First, although there was arguably some disruption caused to buses, trains and people coming from work in cars, members of "the community" were that very disruption. Just because somebody donned a mask and a hoodie makes them no less a part of "the community" than the guy in a shirt and tie corporate uniform. The virtue that this person is out giving a damn about what happens actually makes them more of a community member.

Lest we forget, it is the Portland Police Bureau who has the disturbing habit of disrupting people's lives by lethal gunshots that are the real villains here...

Another side 31.Mar.2010 16:30

of it

Let's just remember that the cop sitting on top of the horse ultimately is responsible for that animal's well-being. It is their responsibility to safeguard the horse and not put it into danger. Intentionally exposing a horse to dangerous conditions seems like animal cruelty and exploitation.

I didn't see anyone hit a horse, although I saw plenty of people hit by them. However, if someone felt immediately endangered by the horse and had no other option to retreat or move, I wouldn't hold it against them for defending themselves by hitting a horse. It's sick that other living beings get used as weapons by the cops.

Witness 31.Mar.2010 17:56


I was there when the horse went down and it was my impression that everyone around me, including myself was cheering because the police officer was off the horse. I didn't see anyone hurt the horse and in past situations it seems to me that the protesters usually care more about the immediate safety of the horses then the officers do. Any harm intentionally made to those horses is something I could not see anyone I know being remotely OK with. I think this is just another way cops try to make us look bad.

maneuvering around horses 31.Mar.2010 20:30

some kid

i've been riding horses since i was a kid. placing a hand on a horses chest, hindquarters or side and pushing isn't committing violence against a horse. they are trained to understand that gentle but firm pressure like that means move the other way. they understand that, and will respond. it's not scaring them, hurting them or anything. however, placing a hand on a horse that has a cop on its back is the same as placing your hand on an officer, and you can get charged with assault on the officer.

i was watching the horses on monday's protest. they are badly trained, with horrible riders who don't understand horse behavior or how to ride. they're mostly scared because they have shitty riders on their backs, not because of the protest. the cops are attempting to force a horse to do something unnatural when they make them wade into crowds of people. that runs completely counter to horse instinct and is fucked up.

The horse that "slipped" 01.Apr.2010 12:50


That horse didn't slip! The cop tried to make his horse ram into people again. This time the horse refused and BUCKED the stupid pig off his back. People were cheering in support of the horse's revolt & yeah people got the fuck out of there cuz they didn't want to get kicked by a bucking horse.