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The Anti-Police Demo has come and gone. Now what?

The demonstration has come and gone. So where do we go from here?
The Anti-Police demonstration last night was many things. First off, it was... well, it was long. But more than that, it was a sign that Portlanders would not be deterred by the torrential rain that poured down from the clouds for nearly the entire day. And it was a sign of a potential larger movement being born, comprised of different communities uniting under their shared goal of freedom from the police state of america.

I was pleased to see a decent turnout - about 100 people at the start, eventually growing to 150 people by 10pm that night, though from what I could tell, the crowd wasn't extremely diverse. The debates over tactics that heated up on Indymedia and elsewhere in the days before the march were, as usual, pretty pointless. People ended up doing their thing, and caused no more harm or provocation from the cops than everyone's mere presence did. Some of the most violent actions by the cops, including arrests, were not directed at and in fact had nothing to do with the black bloc. Instead, their frustration was aimed at Indymedia videographers, students and even a random passerby.
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