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NW IDA PRESS RELEASE concerning the sea lions and the sea wolf

This was just released by NW In Defense of Animals regarding the situation at the traps.
March 30, 2010

Contact: Matt Rossell, In Defense of Animals (IDA), 503-890-5151  matt@idausa.org

Julie Farris, Sea Lion Defense Brigade, 503-568-6955

Activists keep 24-hour vigil over sea lion killing program; more sea lions may be
trapped this morning in a "fishy situation" behind a visual barrier on the trap

Cascade Locks, Ore.-In Defense of Animals and Sea Lion Defense Brigade has launched
a volunteer based vigil to track government trapping and killing, with the "Sea
Wolf," an RV mobile monitoring vehicle stationed on the Washington side of Columbia
River near the Bonneville Dam. The Sea Wolf is painted with a beautiful river
wildlife mural depicting salmon and sea lions swimming. (see attached photos of the
Sea Wolf on site at the dam.)

Late last night, four sea lions had hauled out onto one of the traps and were making
a lot of noise, and two others were swimming nearby, but stormy weather at dusk
prevented anyone from identifing which species of pinniped were present and whether
the trap was open or shut. At sunrise, sea lion advocates observed that a visual
barrier had been placed around one of the traps, preventing them from seeing sea
lions, and it is unclear if there are sea lions trapped inside.

"This seems very fishy. Last time they put a curtain around the traps was in 2008
when six sea lions were mysteriously found dead in the traps," said Julie Farris,
Sea Lion Defenses Brigadier, "We are very concerned about what they might be trying
to hide behind the curtain, and if sea lions are inside, we are concerned if they
are alive or dead. For someone to go out on a dark and stormy night and hang a
curtain on the trap seems very strange."

Activists have been trying all morning to call staff from multiple government
agencies to answer questions about whether sea lions were trapped last night. At
time of this release, none of the calls have been returned.