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Our monitor witnessed something strange going on late last night. She was concerned because there were a number of sea lions hauled out in one of the traps. She saw them going in shortly before sundown, and could still hear them murmuring in the dark. Then....
She saw a vehicle pull slowly along the bank on the island above the traps. As it approached the traps, the headlights were turned off, and the vehicle slowly crept along to the area directly above the traps, from which they are usually sprung. It was a heart wrenching experience for the monitor who stood on the opposite bank, unable to help the sea lions in this moment of danger. The same monitor also witnessed three pick up trucks sitting along the bank on the Washington side, in the rain and dark of night, as the area was supposed to be closing to visitors.

This morning when the sun rose, the same monitor is reporting that curtains are hung on one of the traps. The last time any of us saw curtains on the trap, six sea lions had been mysteriously shot to death in 2008, ending the trapping for that year.

Sea lion defenders have spent the morning desperately trying to contact government agents in charge of the trapping program in an effort to find out what is happening. Many of the ODFW staff seem to be away from the office until next month. No staff member from ODFW, WDFW, or the Army Corps of Engineers has so far returned any of the multiple calls put out this morning.

Stay tuned.

If you eat salmon, human, you are 30.Mar.2010 13:28


responsible for this. You have other choices, the sea lions don't. Shame on you for causing needless death and destruction.

The sea lions are dead 31.Mar.2010 08:22

SLDB info@sealiondefensebrigade.org

The sea lions are dead. One was Rick Hargrave (C934), named after one of the thoughtless talking heads who tries to justify the murders, and the other was Avatar (C805). Avatar was named by a student at St Helens High School.