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Legal Support For Protesters

Lawyers for last night's arrestees
Thanks everyone for your participation in last night's protest. For those who are arrested, your contact to get hooked up with a lawyer is Paul Loney, 503.234.2694. If you need to get through to someone right away, my cell number is 503.944.9779. I'm out of town at the moment, but Paul's agreed to coordinate during my absence.

Please call Paul and he'll hook you up with an attorney for free, as always.


Stu, Paul, etc. 30.Mar.2010 21:00


You all rock. It's really awesome and a really deeply meaningful use of your training and education to help defend people who themselves are defending their community. No one wants to get arrested, no one wants to do a bid, especially if it's for made up shit that they didn't do or for exercising their right to self-defense. It's lawyers like you who help keep the balance of "justice" from weighing down unbearably from the side of the state. I appreciate what you do and I think a lot of others do too.

Also, please publicize ways in which people who were witnesses to specific acts of police violence or unlawful arrests can step forward to help out those who need their witness.

Thanks again.

Thanks and Suggestions 31.Mar.2010 05:55

stu quixote516@yahoo.com

Thanks for your kind words. We agree completely that the defenders of all of us are those out in the streets. We're merely helping defend those heroes from the state.

Thanks for your excellent question about what witnesses should do.

Any witnesses to any arrests or to inappropriate police behavior should call Paul Loney at 503.234.2694 and leave your name, phone number and email, where the arrest/behavior occurred, what time it occurred, what cop(s) did what, who was arrested/otherwise involved, and what that person did, if anything, that might have led to that police behavior. You can also email him at  blc@hevanet.com

Also, please send all videos of the protest to Paul at 3430 SE Belmont, #101, Portland, 97214.

Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions above. We'll take all the info we can get.

I remain a backup and will continue working with Paul to ensure all information gets where it needs to go.



Need help 07.Apr.2010 06:09

Terry Wagar battlehunter@hotmail.com

How do I report a crime when Portland Police and the multnomah county sheriff's pretend it's not reported?

The IPR does the same thing.