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VIDEO: stop the killing "police anti violence protest"

a short out take from the 5+ hour march
A few scenes from the first hour of the protest anaginst police violence


Some of what you see in this video 30.Mar.2010 11:45

Another IMC Volunteer

In this video, at Park & Salmon Zelinka is the one who stands his bike on end, using his front bike tire to bash peoples' faces. People who were on the sidewalk that were trying to cross at a legal crosswalk. He also stabbed 3 rows of his sprockets deep into that Indymedia videographer's shin, leaving him bleeding & badly injured.

Combs & Billard are also with him & shoving their bikes into people very hard, with no physical provocation.

These 3 officers were repeating this behavior throughout the day as well as others whose names I was not able to safely get. Some instances with more enthusiasm than others. But it was clear that they had been trained to do this. It was not just a few bad apples.

I didn't see any horse cop shenanigans in this video. I know for a fact that Channel 8 & Fox had a clear view of it because they were right next to me & saw everything I saw. The horses at several points were directed to run over people & crush people against walls. My band mate was crushed between a wall, his tall bike, & a horse. The horse was used with so much force that the bike was mangled. Cops, like Searle, were even using their horses' faces as weapons. Directed them to smack their face across protesters heads/faces. This is clear animal abuse. Horses are very sensitive to bodily pressure & impact. They would have to be extremely & brutally broken to be trained to behave the way they were being used yesterday. Animal rights folks should investigate.

Most of the brutality seemed to have come from the bike & horse cops. Surprisingly, I didn't see any violence from the riot cops with the batons & pepper spray. Motorcycle cops were being a bit reckless & charging up on people. But I didn't witness any actual contact. Groups of cops appeared to not be communicating with each other. At several points horse cops & bikes cops were pushing & attacking crowds of protesters stuck between them. One point the riot cops were 2 lines deep on one side & the bike cops were attacking the crowd on the other end using their back tires like a martial arts staff telling people to go the other way.

I witnessed so many instances of police brutality, I will be very busy supporting law suits very soon I'm sure. In fact, I haven't heard of any incidents yet that I didn't see. So if you are planning to sue or need witnesses, contact Portland Indymedia imc-portland-requests(at)lists.indymedia.org

More Video 30.Mar.2010 13:01

Joe Anybody

lots more video footage was taken and will be here on PIMC
running low on sleep and energy today
will be working hard to relay most of the footage ....asap

Sweet footage!! 30.Mar.2010 14:45

Peaceful Anarchist

hello! That is some great footage you have.. I also got some videos from last night, and have posted them on our youtube account.. check them out! they're really rough because they're from my camera phone, but are evidence nonetheless..

VIDEO:- 2 clips froam 9PM 31.Mar.2010 07:45

Joe Anybody

2 more clips

These 2 video clips were filmed on 3.29.10 - around 9 PM
This footage is when the police were pushing the crowd along the sidewalk with their horses.
The march started at 5PM and was initiated due to the escalation of police violence used on citizens in Portland

(1) Before 9PM

(2) After 9PM