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Breaking News Archive Anti-Police Brutality/Murder March 3/29/10

Read from the bottom up
10:08PM PDT: one more arrest has been reported at the justice center
8:37PM PDT: still 100 to 150 people gathered in the park across from the justice center.
8:18PM PDT: many of the protesters present appear to be members of the community not originally part of the march. lots of diversity. banner is back up
8:10PM PDT: silouettes of the prisoners in the justice center windows can be seen showing solidarity fists, banging on the windows. people changing we need solidarity to end police brutality, very encouraged by prisoner support
8:05PM PDT: marchers trying to perhaps return to justice center, finding it completely blocked off by riot cops, horse and bike and motorcycle cops
7:52PM PDT: moving again north on 6th near stark, cops are again slamming people with bikes. cops smashing face of protester repeatedly into ground and max track, same guy officer combs just hit with bike, is being arrested.
7:44PM PDT: small exit appears to be allowed on north end, people heading in that direction
7:43PM PDT: busses are getting through now. "cops out NOW" being chanted. people rejoined march from spread out locations. about 100 people
7:41PM PDT: police have cameras out and are taping protesters and individuals who are not committing any crimes. "cops out NOW" being chanted. people rejoined march from spread out locations. about 100 people
7:37PM PDT: two less lethal guns, one appears to be a rubber bullet gun. neither being held in an offensive position. currently at pioneer square
7:31PM PDT: most violent arrest yet, african american male, taken down in a hurry. whole arrest possibly caught on tape, cops attemted to block footage of arrest with their horse
7:31PM PDT: officer searle used his horses face to smack a man's face, man not doing any actions during assault
7:27PM PDT: main and 5th is current location for remaining protesters, somewhere around 80 people.
7:21PM PDT: small group continuing, heading east on jefferson and 11th horse cops turning east onto jefferson behind protesters, motorcops following them
7:19PM PDT: marchers really spread out now, possibly dispersing
7:17PM PDT: seem to be trying to push people westward, but its unclear. no passage available on west side. unclear where they want the people to go. marchers celebrating something, removal of horses? police appear to be unclear of what they are doing.
7:17PM PDT: police are punching people with their fists
7:07PM PDT: arrest made by officer zinetti near 12th and jefferson, another arrest made, details unclear. that makes 3
7:06PM PDT: unning horses into people onto the sidewalk again, ne corner of 12th and columbia, 3 horses ramming into people on the sidewalk
6:57PM PDT: cops using horses to crowd people into a tight circle, having to get though unruly horses to get out mayday 2000 all over again, running over people and bikes with horses. another arrest
6:46PM PDT: blockade by cops pushes marchers running though a parking garage. blockade avoided. cops displeased. marching north on 13th and mill
6:42PM PDT: marchers moving west on montgomery though small exit with motocycle cops ready to close it off at any moment. it's just one narrow sidewalk leading into construction, only exit provided by cops.
6:39PM PDT: completely and fully boxed in. keeping eyes open for a small exit they may open to cover their own asses
6:33PM PDT: appears cops want to keep people on psu campus. horse cops blocking north passage. bike cops blocking west passage. east and south are psu buildings
6:30PM PDT: marchers are joining back up, bike cops have one south passage blocked. march on broadway and montgomery. east is blocked. riot cops with batons on foot are back, closing in. north passage also blocked by riot cops marchers pretty much penned in
6:27PM PDT: march heading east between smith center and kramer hall horse cops are standing back now
6:25PM PDT: people have come through bldg. between newburger hall and another building on psu. marchers heading back into park blocks
6:24PM PDT: marcher between smith center and cramer hall heading east. marchers filing into building. horse cops being circumnavigated
6:19PM PDT: entered into the psu portion of south park blocks horse cops following onto psu property
6:15PM PDT: marcher arrested reportedly was asking for a sargent, holding his face. perhaps was the marcher who was assaulting in the face repeatedly by officer's bike tire
6:12PM PDT: bike cops rounded corner, again slamming bikes into people. cops deliberately Zelinka.. attacked 3 people with his bike and billard assaulting people officer Zelinka hit a man in the face with his bike tire!
6:05PM PDT: riot cops arriving, commanding official cop just threw a newspaper box himself ??? pepper spray not out yet. batons out.
6:03PM PDT: cops closing sidewalk on 5th and main, police blocking street and sidewalk. marchers being ordered to go west. cops overheard saying they want to split everyone up on to two sidewalks. couple of newspaper boxes used to block cops, no damage
6:00PM PDT: on 5th heading north. hearing lots of cheering. bank of america may have just seen some damage. penned in again by horses. bike cops on back perimeter... one possible area of retreat
5:58PM PDT: penned in, surrounded at 6th and main. some superior officer giving orders Protest running, got around the blockage!
5:55PM PDT: bike cops beginning to catch up, banner is blocking some cops way. cops again slamming bikes into people to push them out of the road. we need solidarity chanting...who's streets? our streets! on columbia and 6th heading north
5:52PM PDT: bike cops beginning to catch up, banner is blocking some cops way. cops again slamming bikes into people to push them out of the road
5:52PM PDT: moving away from back-up destination. marchers very angry. heading up columbia running, broken free from police line. YEAH
5:50PM PDT: on 3rd and salmon heading to main police presence ridiculously overwhelming, bike cops, horse cops, motorcycle cops.
5:50PM PDT: marchers not being allowed to approach justice center destination, cops blocking that area. back-up area may be used
5:49PM PDT: almost to destination, people attempting to cross the street are being slammed by police's bicycles over and over again
5:45PM PDT: police slamming bikes into peoples bodies, even though they are on the sidewalk they aren't riding, but holding these bikes no provocation by protesters, no property destruction, police acting pre-emptively
5:42PM PDT: march taking off, cops already getting agressive, pushing people back onto sidewalk with their bikes... forcing people onto sidewalk
5:25PM PDT: Jail support numbers are (503)246-4270 & (503)493-6050
5:13PM PDT: currently about 100 people gathered at the park blocks between SW Salmon and Main. lots of corporate media. LOTs of cops.

More 29.Mar.2010 23:42

Portland IMC

11:25PM: first hand reports of estimated 7 arrested. Most on tape
11:20PM: march appears to be going up ramps to Steel Bridge, cops lingering slowly behind - bike cops following
11:18PM: Lots of loud chanting and then the march takes off north and then east to waterfront park
11:17PM: protest march takes the street numerous times ..stop under Burnside bridge
11:15PM: 10:30 - 100+ protesters leave Justice Center walk around the park across street then head towards old town

Pioneer Courthouse Square cops & protestors 30.Mar.2010 16:47


7:20 pm to 8:00 pm there were cops at and surrounding Pioneer Courthouse Square. First helicopters overhead, lots of police sirens, cop cars racing wrong way west on SW Yamhill, parking with lights, cops jump out, later cars leave. Someone said "There are hundreds of cops here!" I saw at least 50 on one block. Downtown security in green vests, etc. as well as TriMet in yellow vests, local building security folks and custodians outside. 15 cops in riot gear, face masks down, no name or badge number showing, and various weapons from batons and long-barreled guns out at the ready, , no identification, all in black rushing to Pioneer Courthouse Square on SW Yamhill from SW 5th. Cop cars from SW Morrison and SW Broadway surround PCH Square. Horse police from SW 6th towards Pioneer Courthouse Square. Protesters and banner on SE corner of PCH Square bricks loud chants. One cop is standing as if to block witnesses' and media's view of banner. Another cop joined to block view. Cops with cars, motorcycles, horses, bikes, on foot block buses and MAX. NO protesters seen blocking traffic; only cops blocking traffic and business. Should local businesses sue police for cost to business revenue and for violation of sit/lie ordinance? Heard what seemed like three gun shots. Pedestrians coming from that area said cops were getting violent. One girl said, "A cop hit a kid. It's getting real gnarly!" Another pedestrian said, "Cops are shooting folks!" One yelled, "They're using bean bag guns, they've got pepper spray out ready!' Another yelled, "The cops were smashing a guy's face down on the bricks over and over!" Someone thought the loud noises were from a police baton beating someone. The cops thin out. The noise and lights head north. Later protesters running loosely south on SW 4th? or 3rd? . Sirens to the south. Pedestrians said the cops are blocking access to the federal courthouse. Someone said cops used pepper spray on close range. Another said that it was not gun shots but something else, but the cops were doing all they could to provoke as an excuse for the cops' escalating violence. Another said that the cops had surrounded PSU and made it hard for students to join the protesters or document police brutality, and that some of the protesters were moving too quickly and unpredictably for him to catch up.

Pioneer Courthouse Square area sounded, looked, emotionally felt closer to normal. Traffic flowing normally. Then around 8:15 pm more shouting, protesters walking fast loosely headed north on SW 5th, surrounded and followed by horse police, some foot police, not the push of cars with sirens. Seems less intense. Protesters went east on SW Morrison. Then later, again a smaller group headed south on SW 4th.

9:30 pm Some cop cars with sirens and some with flashing lights and no sirens headed for PSU from SW 12th area, from SW Columbia and up Broadway, etc. Other cop cars with sirens sped towards Justice Center. Protesters on foot or pedestrians who sympathized with the protesters and had been victims or witnesses of police brutality in the past were recounting many examples of police brutality without accountability.

Ug 31.Mar.2010 14:31

Portland IMC volunteer

Wish I'd done a better job documenting intersections/locations...